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"Not professional" | Bobic goes for Rode

“The bottom line is that we have won the Europa League three times and won a cup in five years. I delivered and kept my word. "

Still board member Fredi Bobic (49) takes stock of the farewell in Frankfurt. Bitter. Reproachful. In the current issue of SportBILD, he also attacks professional Sebastian Rode.

The farewell to coach Hütter and him “called some people on the scene who wanted to spread a bad mood. They are now grappling with the mill and can talk badly about the season. In the last few weeks, I would have liked more public support from everyone, but especially from those who are called to work at Eintracht, ”said Bobic.

BILD says: A kick against board spokesman Axel Hellmann (49), who said after the 3: 4 on Schalke that now is not the time to sell 5th place as a success.

Bobic also bothered Rode's statement that mistakes had been made after Hütters had announced his departure: “He never told me that there was a problem. I don't find this statement professional: As a player, you have to look at your own performance. "

BILD says: Bobic should have listened to the team himself. Apart from downplaying critical questions after Bundesliga games, the football boss had gone into hiding in recent weeks.

When asked whether unity would become discord again, Bobic replied: "You can get that impression from the outside, yes."

BILD thinks: Bobic's successor Krösche and the new trainer need skill to continue their sporting success. So that the club can get into calm waters again. Even if Hellmann assures: "We have never had as much harmony as between the supervisory board bosses Steubing and Holzer in recent years until today."