Do nuns have sex

Monk is said to have forced nuns to have sex in China

One of China's most famous Buddhist monks, Abbot Xuecheng, is accused of forcing several nuns into sexual acts.

Xuecheng, who denies the allegations, urged at least six nuns to have sex with him, according to a report to government officials that circulated on social networks on Thursday but was then removed by Chinese censors.

Sexual intercourse "part of the teaching"

The indictment was written by two other monks who, like Abbot Xuecheng, belong to the Beijing Longquan Monastery. Accordingly, the monk had indicated to the women, among other things, that sexual intercourse was part of their study of Buddhist teachings. Longquan Temple denied the allegations and called the report "fabricated."

The latest outcry in the "#MeToo movement"

Abbot Xuecheng is the head of the Buddhist Associations of China and maintains close contacts with the government as an advisor. The allegations against the monk are just the latest outcry from the “#MeToo movement” in China, which is gaining momentum. The catchphrase is a symbol of a worldwide movement that draws attention to sexual harassment and sexual assault and is now noticeably gaining strength in the People's Republic.

Despite significant censorship and police officers refusing to investigate allegations, dozens of women have gone public with allegations of harassment or even rape against bosses or colleagues in China within a few days.

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