Who is Bahubali

Bahubali - The Beginning

133 minutes (Blu-ray: 138 minutes)
Prabhas (Baahubali / Shivudu), Rana Daggubati (Bhallaladeva), Anushka Shetty (Devasena), Tamannaah Bhatia (Avanthika), Ramya Krishnan (Sivagami), Nasser (Bijjaladeva), Sudeep (Aslaam Khan), Satyaraj (Kattappa), Tanyaraj (Kattappa) Swamiji) et al

Sanga and her husband live in the province of the Kingdom of Mahismathi, at the foot of a mighty waterfall. One day when they find an infant by the river, the couple immediately adopt him as their son. This is how the boy Shivudu grows up, who at first has no idea that he has superhuman powers. But Shivudu knows one thing for sure: one day he wants to conquer the waterfall and climb it. Growing up into a young warrior, Shivudu is drawn to the beauty of a stranger. Apparently she is waiting for him at the top of the mountain. Dream or reality? When Shivudu finally manages the dangerous ascent, he actually meets Avanthika, a beautiful young rebel. She belongs to a group of allies who want to free a prisoner from the palace of the unjust and violent ruler Bhallaladeva. Shivudu joins the mission - and learns amazing things about himself and his ancestors!

With its overwhelming magnificence of images, this film is definitely far removed from all realities. Cult director Rajamouli takes you into a fantastic world around an imaginary royal house. In retrospect, the branched out story leads to the fact that the succession to the throne has to be settled. The new king of Mahismathi is the prince who captures the leader of the enemy forces.

The most successful film so far in India does not skimp on the opulently staged battle frenzy. It burns off a firework of special effects: expansive, varied and exciting. At the same time, the viewer receives a little lesson in strategic warfare and also learns what distinguishes a wise and mild ruler. Basically, this is a fairytale plot. But as far as the action elements are concerned, the film can also score points. The staging of the romantic vocal interludes is - as we know and love in Bollywood cinema - impressive as usual. So far everything is OK, if it weren't for the exaggerated and especially in the dialogue scenes all too pointed acting. So the bottom line is a rather flat but visually powerful heroic epic in terms of content.
The sequel is already in production.

Blu-ray aspect ratio: 1: 2.40 / 1080p
Sound: dts HD 5.1
Languages: German dts HD 5.1 / Hindi dts HD 5.1
Subtitle: German


Kristin Langer

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Film type: color

DVD aspect ratio: 1: 2.40 / 16: 9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Languages: German DD 5.1 / Hindi DD 5.1

Subtitle: German


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