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View of the Facebook ad for market items

For a long time there was no Facebook page for this blog. The reason: For me, Facebook, if you want to use it, is more like that Platform for private life and not for professional life. Most of the topics on Marktding, however, revolve around the latter. I don't “catch” many readers in their private context, but when they have their “professional hat” on.

Recently there has been a Facebook page for Marktding.

Where did the change of heart come from, you may ask yourself? Well, I don't think I'll get more readers that way - the main reason is: I'm curious. And so I wanted to try it out and understand how a Facebook page works.

And because I'm particularly curious, I wanted to understand right away how it works with the Facebook ads.

So i have undertook a self-experiment and for my virgin Facebook page Ads placed.

Mind you - nobody knew the site existed. I wanted to understand whether advertising for pages works.

There are two types of Facebook ads

After I set up the site and posted a few old posts (so that there was already some content available), Facebook advised me on its own that I should “build up my target group”, that is, “place advertising”.

But then I stopped once - because there are two different ways in which you can place advertisements: Facebook advertisements for a Facebook page and Facebook advertisements for a website.

The former gets you readers and "likes" for the Facebook page, the latter ensures theress readers call up your website from Facebook, so more traffic on the website.

So I had to revise my original plan and Place two ads: one for the Facebook page and one for the website behind it, this blog. I chose to run the ads one at a time rather than at the same time.

Facebook ads for Facebook pages bring likes

Creating a Facebook ad is very, very easy - just a few clicks are enough: On the Facebook page you click on “Build target group”, then “Highlight page” and then you can basically click “OK” - and the display runs with the standard settings.

You can of course still adjust these settings - even if the ad is already running. You can specify in which Countries the ad should run, yours target group restrict (age, gender, interests) and of course how long and how often the ad should appear. You can do this with a Daily budget and a Duration specify in days.

You will see a sample of the ad and how many likes you will probably get based on your settings (especially budget and duration).

For this self-experiment, I decided to run the ad for two days - those days when Marktding is usually well attended - for $ 10 each. Facebook predicted 19-35 likes. And what was the result?

The result: 17 likes

The prognosis was not entirely correct - there were 17 likes in the period of the advertisement. So far so good.

But what impressed me were the statistics that Facebook provides. In the ad manager I was given all the details about the success of the campaign:

So I could see that the ad was shown 2,277 times and the target group saw it an average of 1.22 times. The ad was clicked 32 times and the Facebook page was accessed. That was a click rate of 1.148% and led to the 17 likes. With that I paid $ 1.18 per like.

Good, bad, useful? No matter! Learning by doing.

The second option: Facebook ads for websites

I mentioned it above - not only for Facebook pages (with the goal: “Likes”) can you place advertisements, but also for websites (with the goal “Traffic”).

Of course, I also had to try that out in comparison. I chose to do so the same framework parameters as above in order to establish comparability (same days of the week, duration, budget, target group).

Here Facebook promised me 16-35 clicks over the course of two days.

Result after two days and $ 20: It was 8. Well, that didn't work so well: Fewer clicks than forecast and fewer than the ad for the Facebook page itself.

The reach of 2,658 pages was even higher than in the other campaign, and the click-through rate was logically lower at 0.589%. The cost per click was $ 2.48.

A lot of money. The Facebook business model works 😉

And now? Are Facebook Ads Useful?

I don't even want to talk about it whether the numbers are good or bad, or whether it makes sense for a blog to run ads or not - Personally, it's not worth the money to buy “likes” with it. But in order to understand how Facebook ads work, self-experiment will definitely help. And it seems that the advertising campaign for the Facebook pages seems more successful.

But as is so often the case - there is no such thing as black or white. What do you want to achieve with advertising? Awareness - promoting the Facebook page can be a great way to do this. Do you want to generate sales on your website? Then the Facebook advertisement for the Facebook pages won't help you, you have to promote your own website.

To find out what makes sense and what works, do it the way I do: Invest a small amount and give it a try. Because: Facebook's results tool, the ad manager, shows you in detail what works and what doesn't.

For my part, however, I will forego advertising in the future - and hope that my texts will continue to ensure that you like this page and that you stop by again 😉

Have you already had experience with Facebook ads? Good or bad?