What is the difference between the rich and the poor?

13 differences between rich and poor people

RICH PEOPLEPOOR PEOPLERich people play the money game to win1Poor people play the game of money so as not to loseRich people make a commitment to be rich2Poor people want to be richRich people focus on rewards3Poor people focus on riskRich people focus on what they want4Poor people focus on what they don't wantRich people admire and associate with other successful and positive people5The poor envy the rich and successful and ally with negative, unsuccessful peopleRich people are passionate about promoting their products, services, and ideas6Poor people struggle with promotion and struggle with salesRich people see a challenge as an opportunity for growth and success7Poor people see a challenge and run awayRich people don't shrink from problems, avoid problems, or complain about problems8Poor people try to avoid problems and get rid of themRich people work hard and expect rewards that are commensurate with their worth9Poor people feel unworthy, so they work hard, but their rewards are undeservedRich people choose both when they have a choice10Poor people, when given a choice, choose either / orRich people manage their money well11Poor people abuse their money or avoid the topicRich people expect their money to work hard for them12Poor people work hard for their moneyrich people are ready to act on fear13Poor people let fear hold them back