Live BTS together

Would you like to explore the own homes of BTS Jungkook and Suga?

We know that the members of BTS together in the same apartment in "Hannam The Hill”Living, the most expensive apartment complex in south korea.

In addition, BTS members have also bought their own private apartments. BTS Jungkook and J-Hope bought apartments from "Trimage“, One of the most luxurious residential complexes in South Korea. The YouTube channel of Korea crush took a tour of the video of an apartment that is too Jungkook‘S apartment fits, and a beautiful video is created:

BTS Suga is also one of the BTS members who have bought a private apartment. Suga's apartment is located in the "UN Village Hannam River Hill”And offers an excellent view. Below is a video of a stroll through an apartment that Suga‘S home resembles:

On the other hand, here is the video “Hannam The Hill” (BTS dorm) of the apartment where BTS members currently live together:

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