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A cappella: medlz & friends

That the art of the a-cappella is more than a small green cactus is proven every year by bands of international stature at this festival. Launched by the Dresden band medlz, this concert evening has been convincing time and again for twelve years now. Enthusiastic music lovers of all styles agree: You have to experience it! Whether classical music fan or rocker, whether jazz lover or techno fanatic: the apparently inexhaustible potential of a cappella art inspires everyone.

On this evening, the hosts, the Dresden band medlz, invite two other bands to a top-class a cappella evening at the Dresden Boulevard Theater.


It is not for nothing that these four Dresden women are considered the best female a cappella pop band in Europe. With their velvety voices, Bine, Silli, Nelly and Nadja regularly ensure that houses are sold out all over Germany.

In all the time they are on stage together, however, a program has never been as personal and colorful as this one.

If you ask four women the question “What music has shaped you?” Or “Which song have you always wanted to sing?”, You get four very different answers. Probably more.

The medlz let you look deeply on this evening - especially into their hearts and lives. And these four lives are diverse and colorful. Sometimes loud and wild like a garden party with good friends, sometimes quiet and dreamy like a walk by the lake ... There are songs by Tina Turner and Coldplay, Rio Reiser and the sons of Mannheim, as well as Michael Jackson, Sting, Bruno Mars and ZAZ.

This concert is the soundtrack of their lives - and, as you know from the four charming ladies, it gets by without any instruments. Four voices are enough to turn the melodies of their lives into a concert experience in which everyone will find themselves.
Whether pop or chanson, rock or musical - it will be an evening that celebrates life!


You can sing well. You look good. You're hilarious. And you don't need a single instrument to rock the house with a cappella fed up and tons of fun every evening: LaLeLu, the ultimate a cappella sensation from Hamburg! With their unique mix of singing and comedy, show and parody, pop and classical music, they delight audiences and press between Flensburg and Zurich with their unbridled enthusiasm.

LaLeLu are in love - with love, with music, with the audience and of course with themselves. The "founders of the genre A-Cappella-Comedy" (Hamburger Abendblatt) sing their way through jazz, classical, pop, hip-hop, techno, hits and bad noises in their 15th stage program, so that one often forgets that there is only four singers are on stage and not a whole big band.

True to their motto "a cappella without taboos", the beautiful Tobias, the erotic Frank, the charming Jan and the hammer woman Sanna go all out again and show one thing above all else with flaming passion: the deep love of laughter and the unlimited love of music.


We all know: there are new "stars" lurking around every corner. All the better that four young and self-confident women have made their own way. A way that has not yet existed in this form: The female way of a cappella.

It all started in 2010 when four young dark-haired women met as singing students in Mannheim. Their friendship and the desire to create something together gave rise to a band in 2011 that immediately attracted a lot of attention: Les Brünettes. Without hesitation, the four singers devoted themselves to virtuoso arrangements, which initially earned them the recognition of their colleagues and soon the press as well. Also in the European a cappella scene, at that time still dominated by mixed or male vocal ensembles, they will soon set the tone. The four do not give a damn about the fact that there is little sheet music for all female groups and write their own arrangements as well as songs from the start.

It is not just the virtuosity and beauty of these four voices, each unique and yet perfectly in harmony, that impress the listener. Les Brünettes also convey an emotional range that involuntarily touches. Her repertoire consists of songs that are selected with love and care without falling into mainstream pop. After their first, very jazzy debut album Les Brünettes (2012), which also sealed the collaboration with their label Herzog Records, they produced their second album A Women Thing just two years later, with which they paid homage to their great musical female role models. After two years of in-depth research, paperwork and recordings at the famous Abbey Road Studios, her close-up of The Beatles, The Beatles Close-Up, followed in 2017. Les Brünettes has created a personal, very original and yet respectful portrait of the most famous band in the world.

In 2020, in the midst of the noticeable changes worldwide, Les Brünettes will present their fourth album 4 to their audience. This album is an invitation to all listeners to enter the cosmos of four artists, four friends and four women. Of four personalities and temperaments that complement each other so wonderfully precisely because of their differences.

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