Breaking Bads El Camino was boring

Breaking Bad: Nobody needs El Camino - except for Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad didn't need this movie, but Aaron Paul did. El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie pepped up a few scenes from the series finale to movie size, although we could just as well imagine the fate of Jesse Pinkman.

For Jesse actor Aaron Paul, however, El Camino is a welcome stage as a reminder of how integral Jesse's story was to the series. The finale of Breaking Bad was Paul's career highlight. After that, it did not work with the cinema and a comparable TV success did not materialize.

At the Festival of Fantastic Films in Sitges, Spain, he was nevertheless yesterday celebrated like a superstarwhich Paul received in an extremely sympathetic way.

Warning, spoilers for El Camino and Breaking Bad will follow.

Forever in mid-20s: Aaron Paul in the Breaking Bad movie El Camino

"I miss you, man!" it rang out in the audience as a beloved and hated bald man appeared on the screen. While the audience at the Sitges Film Festival applauded Walter White's flashback appearance (like almost every "cameo" in the film, by the way), Paul expressed his friendship with Bryan Cranston. He now uses it to burn mezcal, the Mexican agave brandy, instead of standing in the meth kitchen.

Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

So there sat the now 40-year-old Paul and Cranston, who was wearing a bald cap contributed by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), to record their roles from the second season of Breaking Bad. The flashbacks in season 5 already strained them Credibility of "Twenties" Aaron Paul.

In El Camino little effort is made to hide how Jesse Plemons, Paul and others have aged. So the film looks like one distorted version of series reality. It is a memory in which, with the best will in the world, we can no longer remember what our friends or enemies looked like back then. But we have the situations crystal clear in our heads.

Aaron Paul's Jesse in El Camino: a traumatized hero

The memories haunt him traumatized Jesse Pinkman in El Camino. He wakes up and thinks he is in the cage of the neo-Nazi gang that enslaved him. In the shower or when you see a familiar face again, the images flash painfully. A jet of water that shoots at the skin or the sparks from a welding machine.

Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Vince Gilligan leaves Jesse out of some stages of his ordeal five seasons of Breaking Bad pursue in search of the money to escape. First he ends up with his buddies Badger and Skinny Pete, faithful embodiments of his old life, as well as his parents.

He returns to Todd Alquist's (Jesse Plemons) apartment. The torture practice of the neo-Nazi gang had intensified Walter's relationship with Jesse in a horrific way. The father figure is replaced by a brother or friend, who through Jesse's attachment to Walter's meth business real chains manifested.

The flashback with Todd, Jesse and the gun actually looks like one lost breaking bad scenewhile other cameos in El Camino border on fan fiction. Above all that of Jesse's meth mentor, who primarily confirms how huge Walter White's ego and narcissism was (if you never noticed in Breaking Bad).

In El Camino, Jesse is allowed to free herself from Breaking Bad's prison

In any case, Jesse receives his examination of the trauma from Gilligan, for which im Breaking Bad finale gave no time. There he was trapped and broken. Here he becomes an agent of his fate when he invades the Kandy Welding Co. property like Walter White did at Uncle Jack's.

Robert Forster and Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

In two exaggerated genre scenes, he first shoots the engineer of his prison in a western duel before blowing up his workshop. At the end of El Camino, there's a piece of Walter White in Jesse. That was our yardstick for the serious in Breaking Bad Meaning of deathwhether he had to kill himself or saw a boy being shot.

Walter and Todd were expressions of a desensitization, Jesse on the other hand a moral and emotional compass. in the Finale of El Camino Walter White also drives a little bit to Alaska, but the memory of Jane (Krysten Ritter) and everything that is good in Jesse predominates.

Aaron Paul makes the Breaking Bad movie worth seeing

Aaron Paul is one reason to watch El Camino when you're expecting more than indulging in the show's atmosphere. He doesn't need Bryan Cranstonto guide us through Jesse's liberation.

Paul does well as a leading man who stumbles over one hurdle after another, lies on the ground and gets up again. One of the Basic problems of his failed trip to the cinemaAfter all, Need for Speed ​​was that everything was too easy for him. He looked arrogant. El Camino emphasizes how important Jesse's story was, even if the film basically only spells out what Jesse's step on the gas pedal in the series finale had sufficiently hinted at.

In Sitges, the audience appreciated Aaron Paul's commitment. During the Q&A following the screening, he called Standing ovation for the recently deceased Robert Forster, who is once again the escape helper Ed in El Camino.

Paul looked touched. He continued the Q&A, gave autographs and savored every minute of the event. Acting fates are worse than staying Jesse Pinkman forever.

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