Will I ever get famous

Get famous


In order to become famous, you should first decide what kind of fame you are going for. If you'd like to be famous for a particular talent like music, sport, politics, or the arts, you need to practice for it regularly. That means you have to put in a lot of time and hard work. However, do not be discouraged. Standing out from the crowd takes a lot of dedication. Once you are an expert in your field, you should regularly share photos and videos of your hard work on social networks like Instagram or YouTube. If your followers leave comments or messages, reply to them to show how open and interesting you are. So people are more willing to look at more of you and share it as well. This will help build your brand's popularity. A public media presence is always useful, especially if you want to become famous in a more unconventional way, for example as an inventor, an expert in unusual hobbies or services or even pioneering in the fields of medicine or technology. Anyway, if you want to get famous fast and you don't care how long this condition lasts, you can just post a funny video on YouTube or apply for a reality show. Don't forget that you are special, no matter how many people click on you on the internet. To learn how to make yourself a recognizable brand and build a fan base, read on!

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