What are field hockey gloves used for?

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Brief explanation: hockey

hockey (old French hoquet, "Schäferstock") is a ball game to be performed with hockey sticks, which is played on grass (nowadays mainly on artificial turf) as Field hockey and in the hall as Indoor hockey is played. Hockey has been an Olympic sport since 1908. The world hockey federation is the Fédération Internationale de Hockey.

Based on traditional hockey, which is also used in Switzerland and Austria Land hockey is called, other hockey sports have formed, of which ice hockey is the best known, others are: bandy, roller hockey, inline / skater hockey, floorball / floorball, unicycle hockey and wheelchair hockey.

What is a field hockey glove manufacturer committed to if not a money-back guarantee?

The money-back guarantee for gloves is generally not required under any circumstances. The paver is only used to remedy errors or to provide the replacement item. However, this perspective only exists if known starting positions are followed and also only over a fixed period of time. The field hockey glove manufacturer is in no way obliged to exchange field hockey gloves or to reimburse the equivalent value. Currently, many field hockey glove brands are successfully using money-back guarantees as a marketing approach. This advertising measure attracts numerous customers and is therefore often successful. Anyone who advertises with the money-back guarantee should logically return the value to the buyer in case of doubt. However, if the field hockey glove product manufacturer does not sell with the money-back guarantee under any circumstances and if this is also not clearly identified when purchasing, then he does not have to return the amount.

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1 - Grays Touch Left Gloves, Black / Fluo Yellow, XXS

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Grays

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey /

    • open-palm glove, now updated with excellent fit and materials.
    • Molded knuckle ring with inner foam padding.
    • Close-fitting Lycra construction to improve stick handling skills.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Updated open-palm Handschuh, jetzt mit überlegene Passform und Materialien. Gebogenes Knöchelring mit Schaumpolster Innen. Eng anliegend Lycra Konstruktion, um Stick Handling zu verbessern. climagrip Handfläche für Grip bei jedem Wetter und Atmungsaktivität. Linke Hand nur. </div>

    2 - Grays International anatomical hockey glove, left hand XS black

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Grays

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Gloves /

    • Softly lined hindquarters protection.
    • Popular, multi-part design with Velcro fastener offers maximum protection for the hindquarters.
    • Ideal for club and youth players to avoid ankle abrasion on artificial turf pitches.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Grays International Anatomischer Hockey Handschuh Links - Schwarz, -, XS<br/><br/> - Weich gepolsterter Rückhandschutz<br/><br/> - Beliebtes Mehrschnitt-Design mit Klettverschluss bietet maximalen Rückhandschutz<br/><br/> - Ideal für Vereine / junge Spieler, Knöchel-Abschürfungen an Kunstrasenplätzen reduzieren<br/> </div>

    Brief explanation: glove

    The Glove is an item of clothing that completely or partially covers the hand, mainly to protect the hand of the wearer from harmful environmental influences, less often to protect the environment from harmful influences through the hand.

    The hand, as the most important work device and “tool” for humans, should not only be protected against cold, heat, friction and chemical influences by gloves, but should also often be improved in its functionality.

    3 - New Adidas Hockey Od Gloves Sports Accessories Turquoise, Turquoise, S

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: adidas

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Sticks /

    • Plastic protection for impact and abrasion protection, now with a second hard shell for additional protection of the fingers.
    • Ultra slim profile for a second skin feeling
    • Open palm for a perfect hold and natural feel
    • Adjustable Velcro for a perfect fit
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> HOCKEYODGLOVE? </div>

    4 - Reece Hockey Field Glove - YELLOW-RED-BLACK, size #: XS

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Reece

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Accessories & Devices /

    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Gepolsteter Schutzhandschuh in orange für Feldspieler von Reece Australia aus der aktuellen DHB Hockey-Nationalmannschafts-Kollektion - offizieller Fanartikel Handschuh zum Schutz der Finger vor Verletzungen durch den Ball oder fremde Schläger. Ohne Daumenschutz. Lieferumfang 1 Handschuh, passend für die linke Hand. Größenhilfe (Handbreite gemessen unterhalb von Zeigefinger bis kleiner Finger) XXS bis 7 cm XS bis 8 cm S bis 9 cm M bis 10 cm L bis 10,5 cm XL bis 11,5 cm </div>

    5 - Optimal boys' Fusion Half Finger Gloves, boys, Fusion, multicolored, S

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: optimum

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Gloves /

    • mitaine field hockey consummate - street design
    • Foam protection pad on top of hand
    • Adjustable Velcro fastener
    • Left hand

    6 - Reece Control Protection Glove

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Reece

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Accessories & Devices /

    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Control Protection Handschuh von Reece in schwarz-gelb - harte Schale auf dem Handrücken - Schutz von fünf Fingern - Silikonnoppen an den Fingern - offene Handfläche - mit Klettverschluss Lieferumfang 1 Handschuh, passend für die linke Hand. Größenhilfe (Handbreite gemessen unterhalb von Zeigefinger bis kleiner Finger) XXS bis 7 cm XS bis 8 cm S bis 9 cm M bis 10 cm L bis 10,5 cm XL bis 11,5 cm </div>

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    What is the quality of field hockey gloves and why is it so important?

    If customers trust a brand, it leads to a triumph for a company. This customer trust is based on the quality of gloves. Large numbers of these happy shoppers share their position with their audience through social media. A good quality of a product therefore largely results in the growing customer base. In addition, it is said that the more perfect the texture of these gloves, the higher the end-user price. Appealing quality can compress the likelihood of failures as well as malfunctions of each genus, thereby reducing those costs in production. You also benefit from greater sales through fantastic quality.

    Gloves: Is There Any Use In Buying Cost-Effective Gloves?

    A cheap field hockey glove doesn't have to be bad. Cheap gloves are anything but pathetic; instead, they are often more cost-effective just because of the brand name. Furthermore, anything but the same quality is stipulated for several products. Anyone who buys brand new gloves should know whether they want to use them every day or just on available occasions. Since those gloves are only used a few times, they do not necessarily have to be of the highest quality. Because of the infrequent use, these gloves will last that long. In field hockey, however, it is often the case that cheaper gloves have fewer product properties. It is therefore important to examine which product services are needed and which are presumably useless. If the predominant product features are definitely not needed, it makes perfect sense to opt for an affordable alternative solution.

    7 - GRAYS Touch Hockey Glove - Navy / Fluo Red (2017/18)

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Grays

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey /

    • Size: XX Small Left Hand
    • Season: 2017/18


    8 - Grays Anatomic Pro Glove Links neon gel

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Grays
  • Product Manufacturer: GRAYS

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Gloves /

    • Size: XXS left hand.
    • Season 2017/18.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Der Halbfinger-Handschuh Anatomic Pro von Grays bietet hervorragenden Schutz für die Rückhand mit Fingerfreiheit, um einen besseren Umgang mit dem Schläger zu gewährleisten. Die High Density-Schaumstoffpolsterung an Fingern und Hand fängt Stöße ab, lässt aber natürliche Handbewegungen durch das flexible Design und die eng anliegende Lycra-Bespannung zu. Der Climagrip-Stoff auf der Handinnenfläche ermöglicht eine bessere Griffigkeit bei nassen und trockenen Bedingungen und bietet Atmungsaktivität mit höchstem Komfort. XXXS: 70 mm, XXS: 75 mm, XS: 80 mm, S: 85 mm, M: 90 mm, L: 95 mm, XL: 100 mm </div>

    9 - Optimum Gloves Cagilo Hockey Left Hand Multicolored Size S

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: optimum

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Gloves /

    • MITAINE de hockey matt pearlescent - Design Street
    • Foam, the handle on the top of the hand
    • Velcro fastener
    • Left hand

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    10 - Kookaburra Revoke Hockey protective equipment XS black / white

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Kookaburra
  • Product Manufacturer: kookaburra

  • Sports & Leisure / Field Hockey / Protectors /

    • Open Palm Design to Help Stick Control
    • Ergonomic plastic shell offers full lightweight backhand protection
    • Light and elegant

    Field hockey glove

    #item name
    1Adidas hockey shin guards
    2Paffen Sport ALLROUND MINT mouthguard - Made in Germany - mouthguard for boxing & martial arts
    3Shock Doctor mouthguard gel max
    4Grays Hockey International Anatomic - protective glove, right
    5adidas mouthguard transparent, ADIBP09

    Glove test - three things that should be revised during the glove product test

    Anyone who buys gloves is generally looking for the most paid field hockey glove and at the same time the best value for money. As soon as it is clear which gloves are being bought, research is usually carried out to find the best price. Always compare gloves on various test portals in order to have diverse test results. In countless test sites, the cheapest manufacturers or those with special discounts are ranked higher than the competition. It is always worthwhile to read the fine print and the terms and conditions. In addition, use various comparisons in parallel.

    How reliable are the field hockey glove tests by Stiftung Warentest?

    The Stiftung Warentest is a neutral test institute. They checked gloves from the field hockey segment. Many buyers use Stiftung Warentest's assessment for their purchase decision, which is why the results are particularly important for brands (e.g. Grays). After all, Stiftung Warentest does not make comparisons of gloves itself. Alternatively, different neutral product test institutes are commissioned to compare items. The result of the Stiftung Warentest is then a cut of the test results of these test institutes. This strategy basically defines a meaningful result that is fairly free of value judgments. Nevertheless, when choosing a product, you do not have to simply rest on the comparative judgment of Stiftung Warentest, because the scam is also criticized many times. A customer who wants to make sure that he is buying his own gloves must also analyze additional field hockey glove product comparisons as well as buyer ratings.

    Why should you buy field hockey gloves in the Amazon online shop?

    Throughout, it can be explained that the purchase in the Amazon shop pays off in every consideration. Amazon.de also has a very large collection of gloves, which is one of the various advantages of being online. Most of the time you will find some gloves here that you rummage for, which is why this Amazon Internet trade is in great demand. In addition, various purchases, for example field hockey gloves, can be made with just a single order. In addition, the Amazon online store is both clearly structured and superbly structured, so that every customer can quickly find their way around here. From an amount of at least 29.00 euros there is also free delivery for some gloves from Amazon. One can therefore always say that the Amazon online shop impresses primarily with the large collection of gloves and the rapid research into field hockey gloves. Therefore, shopping at Amazon.de pays off for a consumer with certainty.

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    Grays Touch Left Gloves, Black / Fluo Yellow, XXS

    Producer: Grays

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