Are you a born leader

Big titles don't say anything about who really is a leader. According to experts, "real" bosses can be recognized by a completely different thing.

What Makes People Leaders? Is it your title? Certainly not, the late career expert Bill Campbell knew that very well. Tech giants such as Steve Jobs, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Google founder Larry Page are said to have listened to the "coach" of Silicon Valley.

What makes a leader?

As the career portal BusinessInsider reports, another thing played a much larger role for Campell in recognizing born leaders: dhe opinion of your employees. "Your title makes you a manager. Your people decide whether you are a leader and you have to live up to this fact," he once revealed to his protégé, former Apple CEO John Sculley. This is what Campbell is said to have come to when he worked with Steve Jobs.

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For Sculley, this is the one best career tip "The truth is, you have to earn the role of leader in the people you work with," says Sculley. "If you don't have their respect as a leader, the title doesn't mean much."

Incidentally, Intuit boss Brad Smith got the same advice from Campbell and is just as enthusiastic: "Basically, it's not a leader's job to make people great, but to recognize that everyone is already big and that it's your job to create an environment in which they can live this out"Smith tells the BusinessInsider." That's our definition of leadership. We don't think leadership is the same as people management. "

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