What are hip hop and pop

Hip-Hop, Pop & Co.

Pop: Pharrell Williams is a typical proposition (Image: Getty Images)

Pop, rock, hip-hop, it's easy to get confused - that's why we explain in part 1 of our series how you can recognize which styles and present hit examples


Rock music started out very funny as rock ā€™nā€™ roll. That was in the 1950s. Chuck Berry hopped across the stage like a duck and asked Ludwig van Beethoven to leave the field. Elvis Presley let his hips circle and your grandmothers got bright red cheeks. Later rock 'n' roll grew up: the songs became longer, the subjects more serious and the halls in which the musicians performed became football stadiums. It started with the Beatles and peaked with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s. Today rock has broken down into countless little parts: grunge, britpop, industrial, indie, emo and so on.
Led Zeppelin "Kashmir" (1975)

Hip hop

In the 1970s, a whole new youth culture emerged in the black neighborhoods of New York. With DJs who played the rhythmically most interesting part of a record (the big black plastic discs on which Grandpa used to listen to music) over and over again, with MCs - that stands for "Master of Ceremony" - who put their chant over these rhythms . There were also break dancers and graffiti artists who sprayed their markings on the New York elevated railways. 40 years later, hip-hop is still the dominant form of music among young music listeners worldwide. You can rap in any language.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five "The Message" (1982)


Country is the most popular music in the United States, right after hip-hop. It's the music of rural America. There is a lot of space between the east and west coast with their chic cities - and there is a lot to complain about. Country singers do this on behalf of many thousands of fans. When they make too much money, they switch to pop music. Like Taylor Swift.
George Jones "He Stopped Loving Her Today" (1980)


Difficult to pin down, this pop: somehow, any music that's popular can be pop. It used to have something to do with being young, but since the 1990s at the latest, everything and everyone has been pop. If we want to make things a little easier for ourselves, we could say: Pop is the music you hear on the radio. Ariana Grande is pop, as is Katy Perry, Lorde and Sam Smith. Rule of thumb: If you recognize the song after the first sound, if you can sing along to the chorus after listening to it, it is pop.
Pharrell Williams "Happy" (2014)


Electronic music can also be divided into a thousand types. What they all have in common is that they generate sound using electronic means. So with synthesizers, drum machines or with music programs on the laptop. It all started with composers at the beginning of the 20th century who wanted to electrify their music just as the big cities wanted to electrify their street lighting. Later, more and more rock musicians started using synthesizers. At some point someone came up with the idea that you can dance to music better if you remove annoying electric guitars and let the drum machines speak for themselves. This resulted in styles such as house and techno.
Skrillex "Scar Monsters & Nice Sprites" (2010)

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