The GOP is Reagan's party

The Republican Party

Founded: 1854

symbol: Elefant, made famous by the German cartoonist Thomas Nast. The elephant first appeared in a political cartoon in 1874. It shows a donkey in a lion's skin chasing away all other animals. One of them is an elephant titled "The Republican Voices."

philosophy: Conservatism, State Rights

Party politics: Since Obama's inauguration, the Republicans have moved significantly to the right under strong pressure from the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement emerged, among other things, from growing opposition to what was perceived as too strong an intervention by the state in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. Although the movement was largely absorbed by the Republican Party, it has changed the face of the party for a long time. As a consequence, the party's positions on issues such as government spending and immigration have become much more radical.

Typical voters: Old, white, male, Christian and without a university degree - this is what the typical Republican voter looks like, according to studies. Even the party itself admitted this finding in its analysis of the election failure in the 2012 presidential election: "Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes to what our party stands for and many minorities mistakenly believe that Republicans don't like them or they aren't in the country want to have."

Regional strength: Since 1968, Republicans have won the south of the country in 11 out of 12 presidential elections. Recently, however, some of the southern states believed to be safe began to wobble. In contrast, some states in the center and northeast of the country, such as Wyoming and Utah, became republican.

Important supporters: Agriculture, Defense, Anti-Abortion, Evangelical Christians, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas

What do the Republicans think about ...

Civil rights: If measures support the fight against discrimination on the basis of race or gender, however, they reject quota regulations such as “affirmative action”, as they believe that this increases rather than diminishes the division in society. Republicans are hostile to the recent BlackLivesMatter movement that has emerged as a result of numerous cases of police violence against African Americans.

Climate change: Conservatives like Ted Cruz have called climate change "religion" or "ignorant". Other Republicans like Marco Rubio consider him a natural phenomenon. The Republicans are staunch opponents of the US Environmental Protection Agency and vehemently oppose stricter limits on soot emissions.

Economy: Republicans are in favor of liberalization and deregulation because they believe the market works best without government intervention. They propagate tax cuts. In their opinion, these act as a positive incentive for people to work more. Because this gives people more money to spend, the economy is in turn stimulated. The only thing the Republicans may reject as strongly as someone who wants to restrict gun rights is the US tax authorities. Republicans are opposed to a federal minimum wage, believing the higher costs will cause companies to cut jobs rather than create new ones.

Role of the state: The well-known quote from President Ronald Reagan has come down to us: "The government is not the solution to our problem, it is the problem." Republicans insist that the founders of the United States wanted to keep the size and influence of the central government as small as possible. Or in the words of Republican anti-tax activist Grover Nordquist: "I don't want to abolish the government. I just want to reduce its size to the point where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub."