Why do tears fall

Translation of "tänen fall" in English

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And Tears fall on the bow when he cries
Of a gypsy's violin And tears fall on the bow as he cries [crying]
Cyparissus' grief was so great that he asked Apollo to leave his Tears fall for all eternity.
Cyparissus's sorrow was so great that he asked Apollo to let his tears fall for all eternity.
"Where Tears fall, a rose will grow "
And Tears fall like rain
And Tears fall just like rain.
[HG 1.172.27] But whoever lets himself be moved by Me is in order with his mercy, and his Tears fall straight into the sea!
[HG 1.172.27] But he who allows Me to move him has the proper mercy and his tears will fall promptly into the sea.
Tears fall down like rain ...
Its time i can see that Tears fall Falling down your face now He never really loved you, I came to take his place now, Keep up.
Its time I can see the tear dropsFalling down your face nowHe never really loved you, I came to take his place now Tear Drops Lyrics performed by B5 are property and copyright of the authors, artists and labels.
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