What's new

What's new

Threema 4.6.8 for iOS

  • Fixed a crash on iOS 10

Threema 4.6.7 for iOS

  • New: Mark chats as unread (swipe to the right in the chat overview)
  • Share extension completely revised
  • Support of counter-clockwise fonts in chats
  • Chinese (simplified) added as a language
  • Japanese added as a language
  • Voice messages are forwarded as voice messages (instead of as files as before)
  • Voice messages, GIFs and stickers are no longer displayed in the media overview
  • Fixed a possible bug when displaying quoted messages
  • Various other improvements and various minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.5 for iOS

  • Threema calls: Haptic feedback when the other party activates video transmission
  • Improved performance when sending group messages
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening chats in version 4.6.4
  • Various other improvements and various minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.4 for iOS

  • Group size increased to 256 group members
  • All message types can now be quoted (e.g. also media, voice messages and locations)
  • Images can be sent directly from the quick selection
  • Polish translation added
  • Threema calls: various bugs fixed
  • iOS 14: Fixed a bug when deleting files
  • Various UI improvements
  • VoiceOver improvements in call screen
  • Various other improvements and various minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.3 for iOS

  • Add captions when sending media within the app
  • iOS 14: Share photos without granting access to the entire photo library
  • The size restriction for chat exports has been lifted
  • Display only the first 200 characters of quoted messages
  • Always show search box when creating and editing groups
  • iOS 14: Various bug fixes
  • Improved display in the call screen
  • Various other improvements and various bug fixes

Threema 4.6.2 for iOS

  • iOS 14: Fixed a bug that occurred when sharing videos via the "Photos" app

Threema 4.6.1 for iOS

  • Numerous improvements related to Threema calls
  • Fixed a possible crash when creating surveys
  • Various VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other optimizations and various bug fixes

Threema 4.6 for iOS

  • New: Fully end-to-end encrypted video calls
  • Grouped notifications in Notification Center
  • Adjusted the volume of voice recordings
  • Relative dates in chats
  • Support of diacritical marks in the contact list search
  • Removed button for starting cellular calls from contact details
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other improvements and various bug fixes

Threema 4.53 for Android

  • New: Mark chats as unread (long tap on chat in chat overview and select "Mark as unread")
  • Video transcoding compatibility improved
  • Various optimizations in the media selection
  • Japanese and Chinese (traditional) translation added
  • Image search removed
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Threema 4.52 for Android

  • Fixed various minor bugs

Threema 4.51 for Android

  • Image editor: automatic recognition of faces. Blur or cover with an emoji (works best with high-resolution images)
  • Creating surveys: rearranging the answers using drag and drop
  • Media gallery: New function «Show in chat»
  • Bug fixes, optimizations and design adjustments

Threema 4.5 for Android

  • Quick media selection: Click on the paper clip to display your media clearly in a pull-out slider
  • Image search (optional): Search your images for common objects, activities and locations (the image recognition is based on a local machine learning model and does not send any data to Threema or third parties)
  • Send media: Images can now be sent with individually different resolutions without changing the global settings
  • Video editor: trim videos before sending
  • Save in gallery: Due to new requirements from Google, files from Android 10 are stored in the general media folders of the system ("Pictures", "Video", "Music", and "Documents")
  • Global search: Search for text in all chats
  • Quotes: All types of media can be quoted, including images, videos and voice messages
  • 100 new emojis: Including the long-awaited fondue
  • Larger groups: Up to 256 members per group chat
  • Long texts: In order to keep the chat clear, very long text messages are shown in abbreviated form and can be displayed in full on demand. It is also possible to deactivate the formatting.
  • Various other improvements and various minor bug fixes

Threema Web 2.3.0 Säntis

  • Send size of files increased to 50 MB
  • Support for https://threema.id/ URLs
  • Graphical display of password strength
  • Updated emojis to 12.1 and added skin tone picker

All changes in the overview on GitHub (English).