What is a Mortgage Service Provider

We offer that

Our promise is to provide high quality digital mortgage services. As part of the global company Infosys, we offer end-to-end services for the European mortgage market. Our goal is to enable consumers in the mortgage market to take out and manage their own mortgages safely, quickly and smoothly.

You can entrust us with your entire mortgage process: from acceptance to subsequent support. We are there for you and your end customers and treat your files with the utmost care.

We do this for more than 40 lenders.

What we do and how we do it has made us the market leader in mortgage services in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2019, Stater has been part of one of the largest and best IT / BPO companies in the world: Infosys BPM. With Infosys as the main shareholder, we can offer a lot more when it comes to innovation and digitization. In other words, we are doing more and more for lenders and consumers.

Mortgage services

As a mortgage service provider, we take care of the entire mortgage process: from acceptance to subsequent support. We are there for you, the consultant and your end users.

Stater has a complete range of (digital) services ready for you. This includes services and applications for contact with your end customers, consultants or notaries as well as services for your primary mortgage processes, but z. B. also for processing your data or reporting. Together with you, we will work to ensure the best customer journey for your customers.

In the consumer portal, the consumer takes the lead: take out a mortgage himself, change the mortgage, check the status of things, make additional payments or manage the building deposit.

Our specialists are happy to answer your end users' questions and offer support to ensure that all processes run as smoothly as possible.

Digitization & change

Much has changed in the last few years, especially when it comes to consumer expectations. We meet these expectations digitally. For consumers, online is synonymous with "now, immediately".

Stater does a lot in the area of ​​digitization and change in particular: We develop apps and portals and can digitally support every party in the mortgage chain. The expansion of these digital systems therefore has the highest priority. We believe that you should be able to get, view and change a mortgage digitally. Consumers should also be able to see the changes made immediately. This also applies to deposits, early repayment and other changes to a mortgage file.

Stater offers a total solution for mortgage records. We take over the activities to the extent that you wish. Knowledgeable and reliable services. Not only you notice this, but also your end users.

Stater GmbH i. Size
Fürstenwall 172 - 3rd floor
40217 Düsseldorf Germany

Email: [email protected]

Commercial register:
Managing directors: Michael Graaf and Arjan Hessels

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