What is the importance of event logistics

Event logistics with Boxie24

Do you regularly exhibit at trade fairs or organize events? And after the event, your utensils have to be temporarily stored before you can go to the next exhibition months later? Do you also lack the necessary transport materials for small parts? Boxie24 takes over the logistics for your trade fair and events. We take care of the transport of your equipment and the interim storage. We also offer high-quality plastic boxes for rent, which you can book inexpensively. Our team picks up your exhibits directly from the exhibition grounds or the location you use and stores them safely for you until the next event. After the desired storage period, we will of course deliver your goods back to your next exhibition directly on the exhibition grounds.

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It's this quick to rent storage space at Boxie 24:

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If you have any questions about our service or the appropriate type of storage for your exhibition items, our colleagues will be happy to assist you personally. We are free of charge on the telephone number 0800-4030-180 to reach.

Do you see how easy it is? Lean back and let us take care of the rest.

What is important in event logistics?

Professional event planning and -execution are critical to the success of any event. The company's image depends on it. Large logistics companies for events and trade fairs are available to organizers and exhibitors and have their backs free. Your job is suitable logistics concepts to be developed and implemented in a timely manner. We have summarized the most important points of event logistics for you:

  1. Planning and organization

The service providers plan in advance what equipment is required and then procure the right amount. It is the event logistics company's responsibility to find solutions if difficulties arise in finding suitable equipment.

  1. installation

In order for a perfectly coordinated stage show to run smoothly at a concert, for example, it is most important that the equipment is correctly installed by the event logisticians. In addition, the required sound and lighting technology increases the complexity of the logistics.

  1. Relief of the event organizers

The logisticians and organizers have to work in concert with each other, but the main task of the event logistician is that the event organizers can concentrate on their main tasks. Every further task is taken over by the logistics experts. So everyone stays in their area of ​​responsibility and optimal efficiency can be achieved.

  1. Punctuality and problem solving

In addition to detailed planning, on-time delivery is just as important. Depending on the logistics event and venue, the most varied of challenges have to be mastered. The place where the event takes place is not always an ideal event site. Events often take place in winding city centers or other hard-to-reach places. For the event logistician, this means that it is more difficult to transport the goods to the destination. If you are wondering where to find suitable transport material, you can rent our sturdy plastic moving boxes from us.

The challenge here is to factor in this difficult condition at the planning stage and to allow enough time. Punctuality is the top priority here.

What makes an event successful?

Both common trade fairs and extraordinary events take place daily. Therefore, a trade fair is no longer a unique event. While it used to be easier for organizers to attract visitors from anywhere, nowadays you and event logisticians have to fight harder to make a visit to their trade fair worthwhile.

That is why trade fairs and other events are always held at changing locations and with one unique program Mistake. This should mean that the event is special for the visitors and that they decide to visit. All major events of the event must be determined in advance and pursue a specific goal. Only this complete staging enables a successful event to be held. Event logisticians are faced with the challenge of always dealing with new and unique tasks be confronted. These therefore require constant familiarization with new tasks and topics. A wrong decision in trade fair logistics can have serious consequences because, unlike in industrial logistics, solutions cannot be tried out. They must work correctly the first time you try. In this way, no learning effect is possible, all decisions have to be made subjectively and are mostly based on empirical values. Logistics is always faced with complex tasks. If the event is planned in an environment in which no kitchens, parking spaces or sanitary facilities can be used, these must also be procured by logistics.

Also belongs to Storage of goods between the events to the tasks of a trade fair forwarding agent. We provide a solution for both private and commercial customers who want to store their equipment or other furniture: Boxie offers storage space for rent in Berlin, storage space for rent in Hamburg and storage space for rent in Munich.

What is event logistics?

The general event logistics definition speaks of a “service for timely equipment at events”. These events are mostly used for marketing purposes to pursue a specific goal. The events are very different in their forms, depending on the occasion. The sizes of the events range from manageable company celebrations to international sporting events. The main task of event logistics is that the right goods are in the right place at the right time. In order for events to run smoothly, extensive planning is required.

Event logistics takes care of that timely equipment and planning of events. If the planning is carried out successfully, the required equipment will be available in the right place at the right time. Event logistics are often referred to as event logistics. In principle, the event logistics includes, in addition to the optimal provision of the equipment, also arrival and departure, emptying the trash can.

Types of events

  • measure up

  • Congresses

  • Shareholder Meetings

  • Concerts

  • Sporting events

  • Seminars / coaching

  • Conferences and meetings

Our service for commercial customers

At Boxie24 we offer our unbeatable service for the various types of events:

We offer all sizes from 1m² of storage space to large warehouses. Your stored exhibition material will be optimally looked after by us. Our storage areas are dry and air-conditioned - ideal for storing expensive exhibits. We offer comprehensive video surveillance and our security staff is on site 24/7. We know how valuable our customers' event storage goods are, which is why no unauthorized visitor has access to the storage areas.

With us you only pay for the space that you actually need. If you notice that you need more storage space for your equipment, you can book it dynamically. The rental agreement can be terminated on a monthly basis - we do not bind you to any annoying notice periods. This allows you to stay flexible between the various events and trade fair events.

Boxie24 offers you exactly that flexibilitythat you need above all as a commercial customer. Determine the rental period of your storage space just yourself and can be changed dynamically on a monthly basis. You decide when and how much you want to store or outsource. This is particularly useful if you decide to take part in an event at short notice. Some events cannot be planned too far into the future - that's why we want to make sure that our customers stay agile!

In addition, we can provide you with moving boxes and moving materials if required. You can borrow our sturdy moving boxes. They are made of plastic and are therefore ideal for transporting all kinds of equipment. This is how the equipment arrives safely at the storage area.

  • Convenient collection and return delivery

We are responsible for your loading and unloading of your stored goods! Simply make an appointment to store your event items and we will pick them up directly from the exhibition center or the location you use. This saves you time-consuming journeys and we will take care of the rest. As soon as you exhibit at a new event and need your stand again, you can arrange for a return delivery at any time. However, if you only need part of your equipment, partial deliveries are always possible.

If you are now wondering how you can get suitable transport materials at short notice, then simply let us help you convenient service help out. You can rent stable and reusable moving boxes from us. We even deliver the plastic boxes to your event location and then pick them up anywhere you want. If you need the moving boxes in the long term, you can also buy them directly from us for € 1.99 / box.

The tasks of an event logistician

  • Partly international transport of equipment to the venue

  • Construction and dismantling of stages and other equipment

  • Customs clearance

  • Storage of goods between events

  • Competent on-site support

The optimal intermediate storage of the accessories is very important for event logistics service providers. The logistician has to be flexible about when he can store and retrieve the goods. In addition, the storage must take place in secure storage rooms, as this can be very expensive equipment. Self-storage alternatives are particularly suitable for this. We at Boxie24 offer you the optimal solution: If you rent storage space from us, you can dynamically change the size of your storage space at any time. You also determine how long you store with us. Your rental contract can be terminated on a monthly basis, which means that we do not bind you to any annoying notice periods.

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