Where can I effectively check my IQ


What is the IQ?

TheIntelligence quotient (IQ) is a parameter for evaluating the general intellectual performance (intelligence) of a person. He will be tested with an intelligence test (alsoIQ test called), the result of which is compared with those of people in the same period and of similar age. Of course, the mother tongue and the age of the person are decisive when measuring and asking questions. The IQ test is one of the so-called performance tests.

Where can I take a professional IQ test?

Unlike body size, our IQ cannot be measured precisely and every test result is only a snapshot. Only certain parts of the skills are measured, but never the complete intelligence. There are sub-areas of intelligence, for example emotional intelligence, for whose measurement there are no exact approaches, so these are completely excluded from the evaluation. Regardless of whether you take the IQ test online or at the therapist's. Other sub-areas such as general knowledge or logical thinking can be measured and trained quite well.

A validated and standardized IQ test should tell you how well you can solve certain types of test items compared to other tested people who fall into the same norm group. An IQ test only measures parts of our intelligence, such as logical thinking. At the end of the test, the test subjects know that only x percent of the test subjects did as well or better than you. The IQ of the person can be derived from this. There are many networks for gifted students that require certain admission criteria. The cafeteria network in Germany, for example, only accepts the best 2% test persons. But be careful with so-called play tests: Many IQ tests on the Internet are only for the fun factor and are not recognized by gifted organizations. This also includes quiz test programs such as “The great IQ test on RTL2”, “Who wants to be a millionaire” or the quiz taxi. These are very entertaining, but not useful for a real intelligence measurement.

IQ test procedures used by trained therapists are exactly the opposite of such play tests. Scientists have standardized and validated these. like the IST 2000 R, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), or the HAWIK-IV. +.

What intelligence tests are there?

In addition to the above-mentioned intelligence tests, which are used by therapists, the following quick tests have established themselves online: The IQ tests of the “Süddeutsche” and “Welt”. We also recommend the Stanford binet (only available in English) and the Psychomeda for better information. The test results can be quite different in the end. However, if an average value is formed from all the results, the result is more meaningful, as significantly more time was spent processing all tests.

IQ values ​​of famous people

Although the factor personality and intelligence have little to do with each other, for populist reasons psychologists have made a lot of effort to estimate the IQ values ​​of famous men from the past who did not take an IQ test themselves. And this is what came out:Albert Einstein 160 (At the limit of the measurable IQ range), Napoleon bonaparte 122, George W. Bush 125, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 165Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 210, Dwight Eisenhower 122, Galileo Galilei 185. By the way: Albert Einstein's brain was dissected and examined by several neuroscientists, but it was not noticeably different from the brain of an ordinary person.

Can I improve my IQ with exercise?

There is no clear answer to this question. Recent research shows that our brain performance can very well be trained through regular exercise. Special tasks can help answer the questions asked in the IQ test. We can thus train for special questions in an IQ test. Because the test tasks and questions in conventional IQ tests are mostly similar to one another. So if we practice daily for the IQ test using other IQ tests, for example, we will achieve a training effect after a certain period of time. However, it remains open whether other areas of our intelligence (social behavior, creativity ...) suffer as a result of these training measures, which cannot currently be measured precisely.

Are long IQ tests more professional than short ones?

The more test tasks are solved, the more precisely the IQ can be determined. Thus, the long IQ test has the advantage that it provides more accurate results. But there are definitely reasons to do a short IQ test:

  • The fun factor: The IQ test is often used as a board game among friends. The result should be displayed as quickly as possible. The fun passes quickly as soon as there are too many test items to solve.
  • Some are very unsure of their own intelligence and need quick confirmation. An approximate result is sufficient, whether you are in the middle or even above.
  • Everything has to happen very quickly in the internet world. Time is becoming more and more precious.

How is the plakos IQ test structured?

Similar to the IST 2000 R, in our own short online IQ test, tasks from different categories are set in order to cover as many intelligences as possible. These include dice problems, matrices, series of numbers or continuation of series of numbers, analogies, word problems, language understanding, figures, figure series, arithmetic problems, memory and general knowledge. All test items are also used to check the speedon time carried out. There are also statistics on different age groups, so we can depend onAge use different IQ scales. By the way, if you don't know the answer and randomly choose any answer, there is a very high probability that the text will do pretty badly. Our German-language IQ test is intended for residents from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our language-neutral IQ test can be found here.

Is intelligence genetic?

A connection between genetic predisposition and intelligence development has been demonstrated (see Comings DE et al. Clin Genet 2000). Today's intelligence researchers like Prof. Dr. Robert Plomin assume that almost 60 percent of school success can be traced back to genetic factors. In a study carried out in 2015, the final results of a total of 11,000 monozygotic and dizygotic twins were compared with one another. Naturally, early childhood support and upbringing also have a major impact on our intelligence, as does proactive, lifelong learning.

News about the IQ test

Researchers at the University of Zurich were able to prove that brain performance can be increased through very simple, regular activities. This includes, for example, exercises with musical instruments such as the piano. Thus, it is another study that shows that the IQ is not a fixed value, but can change over time.

Researchers at the London School of Economics developed the first IQ test for dogs. This consists of test tasks on spatial imagination and dexterity. The researchers are interested in new findings with regard to animal intelligence.

Which books and apps help with the IQ test?

Regardless of whether you want to prepare for the next MPU examination, the recruitment test in the company, or the psychological IQ test. Regular exercises from one of these books can definitely have a positive effect on the test result. The authors of these test trainers have been receiving positive reviews from applicants and people who have already been tested for years.

What is Mensa International?

In Germany, most people associate the word cafeteria with a university canteen. But that's not what this page is about. Here we introduce you to the association “Mensa in Deutschland”. Mensa International is an international association for people with a high IQ. The association was founded in Great Britain in 1946, and now most of the around 110,000 members come from the USA and all over the world. The word canteen comes from the Latin and means “table”. What we associate with the Kanine symbolizes for the High IQ Society a place where the exchange of highly intelligent people is promoted. The association also aims to research intelligence. The Mensa Association in Germany belongs to the umbrella organization Mensa International, to which a total of 40 regional associations belong. Members from 100 different countries are thus members of the highly gifted Mensa Association.