Can you operate on my spine somehow?

Spring 1979That is when it all started. I was 14 years old and my mother sewed me a velvet overall for my youth consecration. She noticed that my spine was somehow crooked and the ribs on the right side - especially when bending forward - were sticking out "humped". No doctor had found anything beforehand, although I always went to exercise tests. I was a gymnast, after all. Somewhere on my parents' floor, the Spartakiad medals still have to roll around * thinking *. August 1979Appointment with the orthopedist. He prescribed orthopedic gymnastics for me. I also switched from the gymnastics group to swimming because it should be more spine-friendly. Gymnastics was always crazy and it stank me going there. Stupid crawling around on the floor and other exercises that ultimately didn't help either, although I always hoped to be able to stop the curvature of the spine. April 17, 1980"Tomorrow I'm going to have an X-ray and on Wednesday I'll have to see an orthopedic surgeon. April 27, 1980"From August I will probably have to go to the hospital in Kolkwitz (near Cottbus * anmerk *) for a school year (10th grade * anmerk *) because of my spine. They want to operate. I can't think of anything else! Can you do that? Imagine ?! Away from my class, away from home, away from everything? How about school, I don't know yet. If I can, I want to finish the 10th class there. But if there is no other way, I have to the operation will just be done. Hopefully it won't be that bad. I've never liked taking medicine. Tomorrow we're going to Kolkwitz for a discussion. We'll get all our questions answered there. I'm really scared of everything! " April 29, 1980"Now it is certain. I have to go to the Kolkwitz Clinic in the second half of August. I am already dreading it, but I have come to terms with it. I was so rarely sick and I have never been to the hospital, I have to make up for everything now!" !? Birgit, Polzner Grandma, Grandma and and and ... they all promised me to write often. I will certainly get a lot of mail and have to answer that. The MR. Dr. Prf. Sc. Med. H. Röhlig said: 'You look forward to school because it's the only variety.' Mum has promised to buy me corduroy trousers in Intershop when I come home from the clinic, if they are still fashionable by then. " June 8, 1980 "... hopefully the teacher is not sick and hopefully the operation will not leave paralysis or other consequences behind. That is my concern!" September 1, 1980"Now I'm in the hospital. It works. We had carrot stew for lunch."* continue to part 1 *