How well do Crest Whitestrips work

operation manual

How do crest teeth whitening strips work?

Crest teeth whitening strips are thin, flexible strips coated with a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. These are designed to take the shape of the teeth. The accelerated bleaching process is possible because the hydrogen peroxide can freely circulate through the enamel and dentin. So all parts of the teeth can be reached.

The hydrogen peroxide attaches to the discolored molecules and breaks down in the water and in the air. Eventually it evaporates, destroying any colored molecules that cause tooth discoloration.

Color of teeth and dentin

The teeth are made up of dentin and tooth enamel. The color and thickness of the dentin mainly determine the color of a tooth, the enamel is almost transparent. The color of the dentin is inheritable, so one has whiter teeth than the other. In general, canines are naturally a little more yellowish. This is because the dentin layer on the canines is thicker. Tooth and molar discoloration can occur due to changes in the dentin.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Crest Teeth Whitening Strips?

1. Very user-friendly and safe

2. Choose when to use them

3. Dosed whitening with minimal sensitivity

4. Low cost compared to in-clinic bleaching treatment

5. Improves oral hygiene and fresh breath with regular use


operation manual

1. Open the foil wrapper and pull the strip on one side of the substrate NOTE: There is a larger strip for the upper teeth and a smaller strip for the lower teeth.

2. Make sure the teeth are dry. If necessary, dry teeth with a cloth. Look in a mirror to determine the position of the strips as best you can. Cover as much of the teeth as possible and as little of the gums as possible.

3. Put the sticky side of the strip on the teeth and then put the strips one at a time. Press the strips directly between the cracks of the teeth with your fingernails. Depending on the size of the teeth, expand the protruding part behind the teeth and also press it firmly.

4. Leave the strips on your teeth for at least 30 minutes. You can continue with your daily activities because the teeth whitening strips are practically invisible. The saliva should be swallowed as you normally would.

5. After this time, remove the strip and wipe off any remaining whitening gel on your teeth. The strips can be difficult to remove because of the strong adhesive.

Important Information

  • Do not use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth. This can irritate the gums.
  • Do up to two treatments a year; two strips a day will give you faster results.
  • If the teeth are too sensitive, cut back down to once a day.
  • You can use the strips if you have a hole or damaged gums. - Avoid eye contact. If the strips come into contact with your eyes, immediately rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • If you have a white stain on your hands because the bleaching gel got on your hands, wash your hands. These go away within 15 minutes and are completely harmless.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Crest teeth whitening strips are not intended for use on children under 12 years of age.
  • We do not recommend using the teeth whitening strips during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While there is no evidence that Crest teeth whitening strips can harm a mother or child, do not take the risk.


Keep the Crest teeth whitening strips in a cool place for no more than 24 months.