What is the acronym ATQ

Cite authority

Quoting and supporting sources: A guide, Munich, Germany: Scribbr, p. 19– Ed. In various citation styles. The names of the editors and the abbreviation 'Hrsg.' Usually only appear in your bibliography, not in the running text.

ATQ = Authority to Cite Are you looking for a general definition of ATQ? ATQ means to quote authority.

We pride ourselves on listing the acronym ATQ in the largest database of abbreviations and acronyms. The following illustration shows one of the definitions of ATQ in English: cite authority. Anger in the authority Public prosecutors cite their boss in the Münster court - Münster's public prosecutors are clarifying the matter in court. My authority once asked me whether the assignment, which weapons are used for hunting and which are used for sport, is still correct.

When I asked why this was relevant, they replied that this is entered in the NWR and is used in the needs test for the two KWs on JJS. Disciplines etc.

she wasn't interested. Quote. associate guest # That sounds very dubious and I think the candidate was kicked out of the GK for reasons that are not (only) performance-related and have spoken out in the market.

Therefore: authority is best. Quote. associate guest # The software not only helps with quoting while you are writing. It is already by your side during your research. If you want to add an online document to the bibliography, a right-click in the browser helps you to save the online document (or PDF, image, sound, etc.) in your list of sources together with books, magazines, articles, etc.

Authority (German): · ↑ ÖBV on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs (publisher): Austrian Dictionary. Revised on the basis of the official regulations. School edition - revised edition. ÖBV, Pedag. Verl., WienISBN (edited by Otto Back et al .; Red. Authority (also called an office in the organizational sense) is a public body that performs the tasks of public administration that are assigned to it on the basis of material laws.

Authorities can abandon action, toleration or omission (intervention management) or offer services (service management) and are the organ of the respective body for which they are established. Look up the definition, spelling, synonyms and grammar of 'authority' on Duden online.

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