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7 Quick Coding Challenges to Practice Your Skills

When Apple announced Swift in 2014, people were rightly skeptical. Nobody knew if it would catch on, and many still questioned the necessity Another Programming language for learning.

But then Swift went open source in 2015, and while it didn't explode overnight, the language kept growing. There has never been a better time to study! We've covered both online Swift tutorials and mobile Swift tutorials, but where do you go once you know the basics?

Once you are comfortable with the language, test your skills with these coding challenges from Swift. Not only are they fun and stimulating, but they also give you the confidence you need in your own abilities.

1. Codewars

Codewars is the best place to practice coding challenges of any kind including Swift. The entire system is gamified. That means you gain experience and can keep up with any successful challenge. It uses a ranking system similar to Go: you start at 8 kyu and go up to 1 kyu.

Challenges (called “kata”) are categorized according to their difficulty. Fortunately there is Thousands If you level up too quickly, you can always go back and work on the easier tasks. Challenge types include algorithms, data types, string and number manipulation, control flow, puzzles, logic, and more.

What I love about Codewars is twofold: First, when you complete a kata, you can see the solutions submitted by other users. Second, users can create their own katas so the collection of challenges grows every day. It really is one of the best coding games for sharpening your skills. The 10 Best Programming Games to Test and Develop Your Coding Skills The 10 Best Programming Games to Test and Develop Your Coding Skills Programming games will help you learn faster with hands-on exercises and experience. - plus they are really fun! Continue reading .

2. CodinGame

The Swift coding challenges CodinGame are more involved than Codewars', and that's because CodinGame's challenges are designed as games. For example, the “Power of Thor” challenge is to shift Thor's position so that he can reach the Light of Power in as few steps as possible.

The challenges are categorized according to levels of difficulty from easy to medium to difficult to very difficult. There are also community-made puzzles that you can try out when you run out of official ones. Note that CodinGame's challenges are pretty tough, but you will learn a lot in combat.

In addition to Solo Challenges, CodinGame also offers five-minute multiplayer coding battles (where you try to complete as many challenges as you can) as well as larger, community-wide competitions (held every one to two months).

3. CodeChef

CodeChef offers challenges that are like programming homework problems. They are categorized as Beginner, Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and Challenging (plus an additional category called the "Peer" for user-created challenges).

There are hundreds of challenges that can get pretty tough. By comparison, most beginners have over 1,000 successful submissions, the mid-range average of hundreds, but the challenge bets rarely break 100 successful submissions. It is good practice for both newbies and veterans.

CodeChef also has competitions. Not all of them offer prizes, but the CodeChef official contests can have prize pools of up to $ 700.

4. / r / DailyProgrammer

DailyProgrammer is a Reddit community for programmers who want to compete with the harder programming puzzles on the Internet. It used to be a daily thing, but lately it has been more like every 2-3 days or so.

What's nice is that challenges are marked as easy, moderate, or difficult. The bad news is that even the Easy challenges, especially the newer ones, can be very difficult for beginners. However, you can always dive into the archives and revisit old challenges if you want.

5. Euler project

Euler project is almost like a self-directed set of Swift coding challenges. The archives contain a total of 600 challenges (called “problems”), but they do not come with answers, solutions or discussions. Usually it is easy to know when you solved the problem, but sometimes it isn't - and that can be frustrating.

Project Euler's challenges are mainly mathematical and logical. You can solve all of these problems without the need for programming. However, they are fantastic for exercising your brain. And since programming is all about solving real-world problems with code, it's basically the same thing.

6. TopCoder

TopCoderThe challenges in this article are a little different from the rest, only because they are multiplayer competitions rather than single puzzles. You need to register for them early and complete them before the time runs out.

The difference is that TopCoder's challenges come with substantial payouts. In the image above, you can see that at the time of this article, there are four challenges afoot with thousands of dollars at stake. Not bad once you've honed your skills. It's a great way to test your world readiness as a Swift coder.

The only downside is that each challenge only supports a specific language or group of languages. While there are Swift coding challenges, there can only be one every month.

7. Code byte

Code byte It might not be as comprehensive as some of the other challenge sites mentioned above, but it's still an excellent way to practice Swift. The challenges (divided into Easy, Medium and Hard) include step-by-step solutions from authorities and from the user, as well as a discussion area for questions.

What is special about Coderbyte is the Algorithms section, where you can learn all kinds of algorithms: tree traversal, area overlap, stock price maximization, array sums, sort implementations, and more. Perfect for newbies.

Unfortunately, free users only get access to 10 challenges and solutions. A premium account is $ 29 / month (or $ 150 / year). Is it worth it? Now use your 10 free challenges and see for yourself!

Some more ways to practice quickly

If Swift is your first programming language, keep our tips in mind to learn how to code without the stress. This is how you learn to program without stress. Learning to program without stress like a hobby. Great! But maybe you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Not so great. Here you will find help to make your journey easier. More information and our tips for learning a new programming language. 7 useful tricks for learning a new programming language. 7 useful tricks for learning a new programming language. It's okay to be overwhelmed while learning code. You will likely forget about things as quickly as you learn them. These tips will help you retain all of this new information better. Continue reading . It can be tough at first, but stick with it!

Once you are comfortable with Swift, you can move on to the iOS app project ideas. How do you want to create iPhone apps? 10 Beginner Projects to Help You Build iPhone Apps? 10 Projects For Beginners Want to Build iPhone and iPad Apps? Start by learning the basics of Swift. For More Information and General Programming Project Ideas 5 Project Ideas To Help You Code Faster 5 Project Ideas To Help You Learn To Code Faster There are a few ways to simplify the programming learning curve. Get your hands dirty and learn faster with side projects that you can start anytime. Play around with these five. Continue reading . Nothing gives programming consciousness more than pursuing a real project and being successful.

How do you like Swift as a language? What is your favorite way of learning and programming? Let us know in the comments!

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