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Made my day: Sayings, jokes + tips that save the day

Often it is the little things that lift our spirits and brighten up the whole day. “Made my day!” You want to call out. “That saved my day!” But the phrase can also be a good resolution to give others a nice day. The good news: It's easier than expected and even makes you happy. Here you can read what Made my day is all about and how you can brighten up the day for yourself and others ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What is the meaning of Made my day?

Through various chat forums and social media channels, the phrase has achieved enormous popularity so far: "Made my day" - also with a smiley or an emoji behind it - is a popular phrase when someone is so happy about something that it outshines all day.

Literally, "made my day" would be translated as "(something / that) made my day". It stands for:

What does Made my day mean?

➠ That saved my day.
➠ That made my day sweeter.
➠ That made me absolutely happy.
➠ I was really happy about that.

Made my day is not necessarily found literally as a phrase in the job. But the office language also likes to use English abbreviations in emails, so that made my day can now be a reply or a comment as YMMD.

Strictly speaking, YMMD is the abbreviation for the long version of the saying “you made my day”, ie “You made my day sweeter / saved”. It's a quick thank you to a colleague or someone who gave us a nice moment.

Where does “made my day” actually come from?

Different views are circulating on the internet about how the phrase “made my day” came about. One clue is a custom in British culture: the British write cards for everything and everyone. The card department of a boring supermarket would make many a stationery shop in this country green with envy.

No reason too void, no person too strange not to be honored with a thank you card. These cards like to contain the words “You made my day - thank you!” Or “Thank you for making my day!” This may be related to the courtesy so often said of the British, but it is definitely a nice move.

Others suspect none other than the actor Clint Eastwood as the originator of "made my day". You have to know that in the role of the cop "Dirty Harry" in the film he liked to say "make my day" to his opponents.

Here the saying (note the present tense) is less an expression of thanks and more of a threat that the other may calmly draw his revolver: Clint Eastwood as a hero is of course faster and triumphant in any case - in the end there is one villain less !

Made My Day: Jokes and Sayings

One thing is clear: the Internet may have contributed to the spread of the saying and cult status. Pages with the same name that deal with the trend can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social media channels. The pages offer the viewer a colorful hodgepodge of life hacks (for example with YouTube videos), interesting facts, absurd everyday stories, unbelievable comedy and jokes.

Funny pictures and sayings but also wisdom to think about are shared with devotion. Quickly send a picture via WhatsApp and save someone's mood again - it can be so easy to do good.

Examples, jokes and sayings about Made my Day

As examples and inspiration, we have listed some particularly beautiful sayings and Made my Day jokes for you (source: Mademyday.com):

  • "How cool it would be if you had a meerkat in your breast pocket that peeps out and rolls its eyes when someone asks a stupid question."
  • “If you fold a square in the middle, you get a square again. Unless it's a fitted sheet. Then there is a fit of anger. "
  • “Little people know they are little. Fat people know they are fat. Only stupid people have no idea again. "
  • “Why do toasters have the highest level? Who thinks: “Today I feel like having crispy charcoal briquettes!”?
  • "Dear Karma, I have a list of people you have overlooked."
  • "Many people know that they are unhappy. But even more people don't know that they are happy. "
  • "How I love those 15 seconds when the laundry is done and the kitchen is clean."
  • “Don't care what other people think of you. Everyone always thinks as badly as he is. "
  • “My mood is in the basement. I hope she brings wine. "
  • “I would like to lose a few pounds. But I never lose I am a winner!"
  • "Every year there is a book with 365 blank pages."
  • “Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I just need competent advice. "
  • "Stupidity knows no boundaries, but a damned number of people." (Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • “Of course I'm a morning person. I always do everything tomorrow. "(Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • "If you expect something in return for being a good person, you are not a good person at all." (Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • "What do you do for a living?" - "I'm annoyed." (Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • “You have to let go of some people. But I should have pushed you. "(Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • “I actually wanted to stop being mean. But the others have to stop being stupid first. "(Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • “Work is calling. But you can't hear everything. "(Source: Wrdprn.com)
  • “Of course it depends on the size. Who wants a small cup of coffee? "(Source: Wrdprn.com)

Made my day as a way of life

Made my day is already popular as an entertaining pastime. You can also use the inconspicuous phrase as a greater inspiration to remember that life has more to offer than boredom, bad mood and negative news.

Far too often people are caught up in the daily grind, go through the same routine day in and day out, they just work. Of course there are bad days without any noticeable highlights: We get up on the wrong leg, the boss is grumpy, the customer is dissatisfied - shit happens. However, your own expectations also play a role: Not every day has a lottery win ready.

Made my day is an attitude and way of thinking to appreciate the countless little things and not to take them for granted.

Maybe someone complimented you, the cashier was particularly nice or the boss turned a blind eye again. It doesn't have to be the big fireworks or the highlight of the year. Learn to appreciate the inconspicuous things and let them sweeten your day.

This goes hand in hand with gratitude towards other people. A short one you made my day or You just saved my day ... takes a few seconds, but is an important expression of your appreciation.

In the best case scenario, a chain reaction arises in which more and more people try to sweeten the day for those around them.

Little things that can sweeten your day

The things that can save your day are usually just small things - brief moments lasting seconds or a few minutes at most. Even so, a single moment can be enough to say Made my day! The decisive factor is not the duration or frequency of special moments, but the attention you pay to these little things. We have put together a few examples that can sweeten your day:

  • A sympathetic smile with which you are greeted.
  • A helping hand when you are under stress.
  • A quick phone call or message from a friend who is thinking of you.
  • A delicious drink that your colleague will bring you.
  • A loving gesture that shows sympathy.
  • A good meal that you have cooked or that has been cooked for you.

Made my day: Make others have a nice day

Sweetening the day for others is all about give and take. The vernacular already knows: Small gifts keep friendship alive. And just as we look forward to a little gift, we can also give our friends, colleagues and fellow human beings a little joy and sweeten their day. In the general hustle and bustle, the really important things in life sometimes get lost. Polite interaction is seen as a matter of course - on the one hand, it should be. But of course that only works if everyone sees it that way. Instead, some are far too preoccupied with themselves to pay attention to their surroundings.

Mindfulness of yourself is a fine thing - as long as it doesn't degenerate into self-centeredness. So here are a few examples of how you can help make others say: You made my day!

  • Offer something sweet
    We take “sweeten the day” literally: Almost everyone likes chocolate. Put some cookies or candy on your desk. You will be amazed how popular you suddenly become! Nice side effect: When you chat with your colleague, you will often find out the latest news that is currently circulating.
  • Hold the door open for others
    Are you entering the large department store in a crowd of people whose swing doors have to be opened by hand? Then please also think of the people after you.
  • Think of others when you are on vacation
    Of course not only in the sense of: "Ätsch, I'm lying here on the palm beach while you have to toil in cloudy and wet weather"but in the form of a holiday card or a small souvenir.
  • Donate to a good cause
    Many non-profit organizations rely on financial support. Regardless of whether it is the local animal shelter, a youth welfare organization or cultural institutions - donations or voluntary work are always welcome.
  • Let someone in front
    While you are still packing the last parts of your weekly shopping onto the overflowing belt at the cash register, the next customer is standing behind you with no less than one part. How about if you let him? Many people do not dare to ask for fear of rejection. This little gesture costs nothing and you can be sure that he will be delighted.
  • Carry the shopping up to the elderly neighbor
    Many older people live alone. Even when family members are there, they cannot always be there. Offer to help your neighbors if you suspect they could find it difficult on their own.
  • Take the shift
    Your colleague is registered for the late shift, but urgently needs Saturday off? Help out. One hand washes the other - especially in jobs with alternating shifts, you have to be able to rely on each other.
  • Give tips
    Often times, jobs in the service sector are not the best paid. Make the waiter in the restaurant, the maid in the hotel or the taxi driver happy by giving a good tip.
  • Smile at others
    Probably the most disarming way to do it is to smile at others. Sometimes they don't even notice how tightly or grimly they look - until their face brightens because they are smiled at in a friendly manner. As with a reflex, you can't help but smile back - mirror neurons are behind it.

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