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Shah Rukh Khan: The best movies with the Bollywood star

He is arguably the most successful actor in the world: Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed King of Bollywood, a superstar with hundreds of millions of fans and dozens of blockbusters. But what are the best Shah Rukh Khan films?

He's been the greatest in business and in Indian cinema for over 30 years. Since the Bollywood wave spilled over to Europe a few years ago, every film lover knows him here too. His recipe for success: a mischievous smile and charming dimples. Shah Rukh Khan is not known for his Oscar-worthy mine game, but for the embodiment of lovable guys in brightly colored films full of music, dance and emotion. Just Bollywood. And these are perhaps the best Shah Rukh Khan films.

"She loves me, she doesn't love me" (1993)

In this early film, Shah Rukh Khan is not yet the smart hero who takes hearts by storm. He plays the good-for-nothing and musician who flies from college and tries to steal the beautiful singer from his bandmate. Khan called this musical drama one of his favorite films.

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"First come, the bride" (1995)

The commercial breakthrough for Shah Rukh Khan: This dissolute romantic comedy is one of the most successful films in Indian cinema and established Khan's reputation as an irresistible lover. Raj (Khan) falls in love with Simran (Kajol) on a trip to Europe. But that has already been promised to someone else. The first film with the Bollywood dream couple Khan / Kajol - and one of the first Indian productions to be made in Europe.

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"In good as in difficult days" (2001)

A film like a lavish party: it celebrates the family institution with kettledrums and trumpets and gathers three generations of Bollywood stars in front of the camera. This results in three and a half hours of full entertainment full of emotions, exquisite costumes, ostentatious decorations and rousing dance and song numbers.

The story is actually quite simple: Rohan wants to bring his brother Rahul (Khan) back into the family's lap. Because his father had once cast Rahul out because he had married a woman who was not in keeping with his class, and that too in distant London.

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"Until happiness do us part" (2006)

As the title suggests, this is also about love. But unlike many Indian love films, it is also about sex, affairs and adultery - until then taboo topics in Bollywood. Khan gives professional footballer Dev, who has to give up his career after an injury while his wife gets off to a good start. Marital happiness crumbles. And it shakes when Dev meets Maya, who is also unhappily married.

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"Om Shanti Om" (2007)

What Hollywood can do, Bollywood can even more: make self-deprecating films about their own profession. Whereby “Om Shanti Om” breaks all genre boundaries and cheerfully switches between period films, romance, melodrama, thriller and comedy. We see Shah Rukh Khan in a double role: as an unsuccessful supporting actor who dies tragically in the 1970s and is resurrected 30 years later to take revenge as a celebrated movie hero. Of course, it's always about one thing at the core: immortal love.

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"My Name Is Khan" (2010)

A bit of “Forrest Gump”, a healthy dose of politics and a lot of Shah Rukh Khan: In this film he plays the autistic Muslim Rizvan Khan, who literally takes his wife's invitation to complain personally to the US President. He travels through the states, reflecting on his life and is more convinced than ever that the hatred Americans have for the Muslim world is completely irrational. A drama with a message - touching and one of the few Shah Rukh Khan films that do without dance.

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