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Guide: Transfer Files from Mac and PC to Oculus Go

The self-sufficient VR glasses Oculus Go have been available since May 1, 2018 and attract newcomers to VR with a low price. But even old hands with PC glasses could like the new headset thanks to the good image quality, for example to be able to watch a 360-degree film on the fly - be it at home or on the go. A way how to get movies and other files wired from the PC to the Oculus Go can bring, we show in a short guide.

Feed the Oculus Go with files from Mac and PC

In order to transfer files from the computer, you need a connection to the PC or Mac Oculus Go via USB cable. Data exchange is very easy on the PC, you only have to allow data access in the headset in the settings. Then you open the corresponding window via Explorer and you can see which files are available on the VR headset.

At the Mac things get a little more complicated, because it doesn't work with standard resources alone. You need an app in order to be able to manage the data exchange. VR Scout recommends the free tool Android File Transferwhich can be found on this website directly from the developer Google can load. If the Oculus Go is connected, you start the tool and allow as with Windows access to the PC in the headset. Now should focus on the Mac open a window and view the content on the Go Show.

The procedure is worthwhile in both cases, because the Oculus Go does not currently show how much of the flash memory (a total of 32 GB or 64 GB depending on the model) is used. The system only issues a warning when there is still 2 GB or less free. Via the file transfer, users can, on the other hand, control how full the memory is and remove unused apps or videos if necessary.

(Via VR Scout)