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The seven-year-old daughter of doll maker Sam (Anthony LaPaglia) and wife Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) dies in a tragic accident. Twelve years later, Sam and Esther, still saddened by their loss, take in the nun Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six orphan girls in their California farmhouse. The older girls sleep in a large common room, while the younger ones - polio sufferer Janice (Talitha Bateman) and her best friend Linda (Lulu Wilson) - sleep in a bunk bed in the former sewing room, where doll costumes were made. Sam Mullins has two important rules: The bedroom, in which Esther has withdrawn from the world, must never be entered - and neither is the locked room upstairs. Soon it will start to get very scary for the newcomers ...

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By Christoph Petersen
While Warner Bros. has to take harsh criticism again and again for the (hasty) construction of the DC cinema universe (Superman, Batman & Co.), the Hollywood studio is currently in the process of secretly, quietly and quietly creating a shared universe elsewhere , which brings in one financial success after the other: After "Conjuring - The Visitation" (income: 318 million dollars at costs of 20 million), "Conjuring 2" (320 million / 40 million) and the spin-off "Annabelle" ( 256 million / 6.5 million) the prequel "Annabelle 2" is now coming to the cinemas, before the spin-offs "The Nun" and "The Crooked Man" as well as "Conjuring 3" will continue in the next few years. After "Annabelle" by John R. Leonetti was comparatively dirty, shocking and nasty in 2014, David F. Sandberg is now again orienting himself more towards the "Conjuring" models for "Annabelle 2" ...
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'Annabelle 2' is an example of the variant of the horror thriller, where the plot lacks stringency and tension, although much in the film is produced in an appealing and lively manner. The framework plot is interesting and nicely staged, but with regard to the actual conflict material, there is only horror cliché after horror cliché. spoiler: For example, it is completely unclear from start to finish who is 'evil' ...
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A really weak "shocker". For long stretches the story is bobbing in front of it. The last 20 minutes alone could actually be assigned to the horror genre. The authors probably had no desire to come up with a profound story. Check out the trailer, then you've experienced the whole "horror" of the film and can save yourself a trip to the cinema (and the money).
Who would have thought ... the first part was so-so with little impulsive moments that one expected from conjuring. Here in the second part, many little things play a major role (sometimes unexpected camera trips, being tied to the house, and much more). The shock moments are partly predictable but very well staged. For me the film is an absolute surprise hit because I definitely didn't expect ...
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Now the franchise is slowly becoming confusing: it starts with the two "conjuring" parts in which a married couple chases ghosts, at the end of the first film they recognize the evil in the form of the doll Annabelle. Then there was a prequel to "Conjuring" which explains the history a little, now there is a sequel / prequel which jumps back even further and tells the creation of the doll. I myself was nothing more of ...
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Prequel to the spin-off for horror success

Test passed: Because the horror doll Annabelle in the horror hit “Conjuring” did not last very long, but was all the more effective, she got her spin-off in 2014. The second solo film "Annabelle: Creation" tells the story of the little, nasty horror figure. She targets a nun (Stephanie Sigman) and her orphans ...
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