Why should I become a Catholic?

Why be a Christian at all?

Is belief unreasonable, old-fashioned, and unworldly?
It's about longing for real life ...

There may be many external reasons for becoming a Christian. The central point is: Christian faith means a relationship between man and God.

Jesus Christ showed who and how God is. Easter means: Jesus Christ is also present today. In the Holy Spirit, God's life principle, Christians have such access to God when they engage in a story with God. That is why they see themselves as Easter, as new people who live in the sphere of God.

The Bible testifies: God is taking the first step. He calls people and gives faith. Man answers by entrusting himself to God: in prayer, through his service to others, with his whole lifestyle. Faith is therefore not an emergency nail where knowledge fails, but a sensible knowledge of a special kind that has something to do with the deepest determination of man and the world.

Christians believe that God is the answer to the deepest and most central questions of their lives. You confide in this primal reason of life. Christian faith is trust and hope that God is there and acts in the sense of true life, and that beyond death. Such a belief can support people and give them meaning and confidence to accept and shape their lives. Then faith can develop its power. It motivates people to strive for justice and a fulfilling life for themselves and others.

Faith grows and changes throughout life. The Christian participates in the fellowship of the church, so he is always on the move with others in faith. Together and individually, Christians are witnesses to the gospel, the good news of God's closeness, in doing and speaking. Because in addition to the inner dimension as a decision for God, which knows an eventful ups and downs, the Christian faith also has content that one can learn and about which one can provide information.

The practice of faith, celebration of worship, prayer, reading the Bible, takes one into the fellowship of the church.


Jens V., baptized 2013

“A marriage without God's blessing is out of the question for both of us, and our children too should later be baptized and raised in the Christian faith. That is why I was baptized. "

Hedda G., transferred in 2006

“As a child, I was fascinated by the differentness of the Catholic, the incense, the colors, the rituals. Later I noticed that what I believe corresponds to what is believed in the Roman Catholic Church. As an adult, I took the step to convert and have never looked back. Diversity and unity in the Church inspire me and I feel at home in it. "