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Simplify feedback on web projects - nootiz makes corrections child's play

It's all about good communication

With the new visual feedback tool nootiz, feedback on web projects is simpler, more time-saving and reduced to the essentials

Do you know that? You are working on a web project - your own website, for example, or as a designer or developer on that of your customers - and you have already written and received so many e-mails with comments, questions and feedback that you not only lost track of things, but lost track of them can no longer procure. Suddenly there is misunderstanding between everyone involved, even more questions are raised, one does not know what the other wants, the right picture has the wrong text and vice versa - a “never ending story” ... In the end, everyone may be annoyed and in the worst case scenario the result is a mediocre web project. Tough, right? And all because there was a lack of good communication.

At this point here is the good news: Annoying correction loops, countless e-mails and never-ending feedback discussions on web projects are now a thing of the past. The answer to the question of simple, clear communication when creating a website, for example, is provided by a new, innovative tool: nootiz.

What is nootiz and what is it good for?

nootiz is a visual feedback tool, which is used for clear communication without detours during the development of a web project. nootiz makes feedback easier, transparent and time-saving for everyone. Anyone involved in the project - designer, developer or the customer himself - can leave their comments, notes, questions or feedback directly on the website with just one click and with little effort. So nothing stands in the way of the workflow, after all, everyone in the team can see the feedback and react to it. So it's very easy.

Direct feedback: Simply place notes on the website

With nootiz you can easily save yourself the detour via e-mails and the like.

nootiz has some features on it that save you from cumbersome detours. You can quickly and easily ...

  1. Ask or answer questions via comment
  2. Pin files to a note
  3. assign who should take care of your note
  4. archive notes that have already been edited
  5. record all developer information at a glance
  6. receive a daily summary by email.
  7. Integrate nootiz into your existing project management tool.

One for all and all for one: working in a team with nootiz

nootiz is designed to do the work of Web agencies, Web designers and developers with their teams. With the help of the interactive tool, everyone involved in the project receives their own invitation and can then comment, revise or delegate directly on the desired element on the website - and thus communicate with the right person without further ado and interact with all team members at any time. Customers, developers, designers, project managers, copywriters or translators can provide their feedback with personal notes in an understandable and understandable way and at the same time share it with the entire team.

Keep track of things: Daily summary of the notes.

Customers have the opportunity to post their wishes and impressions on their own website. Designers can communicate at any time if something is not to be seen the way they intended it to be. Developers are provided with precise technical information on the operating system, browser and resolution with each note. Project managers coordinate the feedback of everyone in one tool and at the same time keep track of all changes in the project. Copywriters and translators can mark all text elements on the website and make corrections in the right place using a note.

What do developers like about nootiz?

If one of the nootiz users leaves a note on the website, the most important technical information is immediately provided to the developer in the team. He immediately receives all the necessary information about the browser, operating system and viewport, saving himself the hassle of asking. By knowing the browser version the other is currently using, for example, he can get to the bottom of any problems more quickly.

All technical information at a glance.

Just a few steps to nootiz

You can use the free trial offer without restrictions and with all functions for 60 days to try it out, or you can get one of the three offer variants of the tool for which you pay a monthly fee that is billed annually. As soon as you have registered with your e-mail, you are ready to go - as fast and easy as nootiz itself. In order to be able to use the tool on your website, you will receive a line of JavaScript code that you have to insert into the page source code . All other nootiz users receive an invitation via a link and can then get started right away with just one click, without having to register or log in themselves. By the way, nootiz works on all browsers, websites and devices - whether on your desktop, notebook or smartphone.

Organization made easy

Buying a nootiz does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your other project management tools. But on the contrary! nootiz can be connected to these automatically and without any problems. Each of the notes is visible to you at all times and you always have an overview of all the important updates of your project. If you work with Asana, Jira or Trello, all notes with comments and tasks are always displayed here thanks to the integration of nootiz.

In the nootiz backend you can add your Asana-, Jira-, or Trello-Link account. Simply add the associated Asana project or Trello board with tasks and to-do's to the same project on nootiz. In the respective project management tool, you can already see all the notes and comments made by all team members on the website.


With nootiz you have as Web agency, designer or developer In any case, you have found a suitable tool that meets your requirements for simple, fast and clear feedback. We recommend that you try out the nootiz free 60-day trial version without any obligation and, so to speak, convince yourself live of its intuitive, simple operation and its nerve-saving and time-saving function when creating your next web project.

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