What does Deuteronomy mean 23 7 8

The Bible in the standard translation


The book of Deuteronomy, chapter 23

Dtn 23.1A man cannot marry his father's wife; for he must not uncover his father's bed..

Admission into the Lord's Congregation

Dtn 23.2No one should be admitted to the Lord's congregation if his testicle is crushed or his limb is mutilated.Dtn 23.3No bastard is to be admitted to the Lord's assembly; even in the tenth generation, his descendants are not to be accepted into the Lord's congregation.Dtn 23.4No Ammonite or Moabite may be admitted into the Lord's congregation, not even in the tenth generation. Their offspring must never be accepted into the Lord's congregation;Dtn 23.5for they did not meet you with bread and water on the way when you left Egypt, and Moab hired Balaam, the son of Beor, from Petor in Mesopotamia and sent against you, that he cursed you -Dtn 23.6but the Lord your God refused to answer Balaam, and the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you; for the Lord your God loves you.Dtn 23.7You should never, ever try to find a peace and friendship treaty with them.Dtn 23.8The Edomite, on the other hand, shall not be an abomination to you; because he's your brother. The Egyptian shall not be an abomination to you; for you lived as a stranger in his country.Dtn 23.9In the third generation, their birth descendants are allowed to join the Lord's congregation..

The purity of the army camp

Dtn 23.10When you go into the field and camp against your enemies, you should beware of any uncleanliness.Deut 23.11If there is someone among you who is no longer clean because something happened at night, he should go to the front of the camp and not enter the camp.Deut 23.12When evening comes he is supposed to wash himself with water, and when the sun goes down he is allowed to return to the camp.Dtn 23.13You should have a corner in the front of the camp where you can exit.Dtn 23.14You should have a shovel in your luggage, and if you want to squat outside, dig a hole with it and then cover your urine again!Dtn 23.15For the Lord your God is in the middle of your encampment to get you out of danger and hand your enemies over to you. Your bed should be sacred, so that it does not see anything offensive in you and does not turn away from you..

The ban on the extradition of refugees

Dtn 23.16You shall not hand over a foreign subject who seeks protection from his master with you to his master.Dtn 23.17He should be allowed to live with you, in your midst, in a place that he chooses in one of your areas of the city where he likes it. You shouldn't exploit him..

The prohibition of sacred prostitution

Dtn 23.18There should be no sacred prostitution among the women of Israel, and there should be no sacred prostitution among the men of Israel.Dtn 23.19You are not to bring prostitution or dog money to the temple of the Lord your God. No vow can commit to it; for these two things also are an abomination to the Lord your God..


Dtn 23.20You must not take interest from your brother: neither interest on money, nor interest on grain, nor interest on anything else for which interest is taken.Dtn 23.21You may take interest from a foreigner, you may not take interest from your brother, so that the Lord your God may bless you in everything that your hands do, in the country into which you move to take possession..


Dtn 23.22When you make a vow before the Lord your God, do not hesitate to keep it; otherwise the Lord your God will demand it from you and the punishment for this sin will come upon you.Dtn 23.23If you refrain from making vows, the punishment for that sin will not come upon you either.Dtn 23.24You should also pay attention to what has escaped your mouth and you should keep it, since you have freely praised what your mouth has called to the Lord your God..

Fruits along the way

Dtn 23.25If you come to someone else's vineyard, you can eat as many grapes as you like until you are full, only you are not allowed to put anything in a vessel.Dtn 23.26If you come through someone else's cornfield, you may tear off ears of grain with your hand, but you may not swing the sickle in someone else's cornfield.