Can you join two clubs in high school

Benowa State High School

The extracurricular offer Benowa State High School has a lot going for it! Anyone who joins a Benowa State High School sports team or sports club will find that it doesn't take long to make new acquaintances and friendships. In addition to team sports such as basketball, hockey, swimming, cross country, athletics and volleyball, the school's sports offerings also include surfing and aerobics, for example. You can also join the netball team or the golf, baseball, softball, tennis, ice skating, bowling, sailing or life saving / surfing awareness team.
It is also easy to get to know your classmates better in the school groups and clubs. The offer of the Benowa State High School includes, for example: Debating Club, Theater AG, Science Club, Island Trips, Ski Trips, Mathematics Club, Arts Council, Chess Club, Dungeons and Dragons, Environmental Council, French, Spanish and Japanese Club, Book club, Model United Nations and much, much more.

The high school lies in the heart of the beautiful Gold Cost. There the 7,300-inhabitant city of Benowa welcomes you with plenty of sun - and that on about 300 days a year. The city's name derives from “boonow”, the Aboriginal word for an Australian tree that lines the streets here. A stay in Benowa offers the perfect combination of city and beach life. Swimming, surfing and snorkeling are almost the order of the day here. The school is located on an 18 acre campus.