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library card

A library card is required if you want to borrow books from the university library at home or use books from closed stacks. It also enables access to the University of Vienna's WLAN.

The following people can receive a library card:

How do I get a library card?

Students and employees of the University of Vienna:
All other library users including members of other universities:

The following steps are necessary to issue a library card (u: card):

  1. You need a user ID in the form of the u: account.1)
  2. Then register using the initial registration web form and upload a photo for the u: card.2) From this point on, you can order books in u: search.
  3. To complete the initial registration, turn to the ID desk in the loan department of the main library with the required documents or to a departmental library. From this point on until you receive the u: card3) borrow books with an official photo ID.
  4. Upon receipt, the u: card must be validated at a u: card terminal so that the card can be activated. The validity is also printed on the card at the same time.

Please note that for contractual reasons, licensed electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases) can only be used on certain research PCs in the main library and in the Department libraries as well as via the WLAN in the premises of the University Library of Vienna is possible.

1) If you have an expired u: account and still remember your password, you can reactivate the u: account. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the Central IT Service.
2) We have created instructions for this.
3) The u: card will be sent by post. This can take up to two weeks.

Validity and extension of the library card

Students and employees of the University of Vienna

As long as there is an active employment relationship or an active study at the University of Vienna, the library card is valid.

Former members of the University of Vienna

Former members of the University of Vienna can continue to use the library. The library account, the u: account and the u: card can still be used. In this case, please contact the ID card counter in the borrowing section of the main library or a departmental library.

All other library users including members of other universities:

All other library users can extend their library card by presenting the necessary documents to the university library. After renewed validation, the u: card is also valid again.


The library card is free of charge for members of an Austrian university or university of applied sciences. Other people can find details in our summary table.

The first u: card is issued free of charge. Re-ordering a u: card costs € 15 (payment is made in the university library).

Change of address:

Students at the University of Vienna can enter the change of address themselves in u: space.

Employees of the University of Vienna should notify the office of any changes of address.

All other library users need an official confirmation of registration, which must be presented to the library. You can also send the confirmation scanned by email to [email protected]

In the event of loss or theft:

Owners of a u: card can block and unblock it themselves. You can borrow library holdings until you have received a new u: card with an official photo ID.

Library users without a u: card please contact the library as soon as possible ([email protected], T: + 43-1-4277-15120) and have the library account blocked, as you will be charged for books, that others borrow with your ID are liable.