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X-Men: The future is the past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the human war against the mutants, some of whom have allied themselves under the leadership of Professor X, the latter are on the verge of defeat. Because against the powerful robots of humans, the so-called Sentinels, the X-Men can hardly stand up. To nip the misery in the bud, the mutant warrior Wolverine travels to 1973, where he is supposed to prevent an attack on a US senator and change the course of things. The nefarious mutant Mystique is just as much a problem as the arch enmity between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, who will shape the fate of the mutants in the future as Professor X and chief villain Magneto and are to be reconciled by Wolverine.

The sixth movie adaptation of the X-Men comics from Marvel, first published in 1963, expands the universe of mutated heroes and anti-heroes. In the latest offshoot, director Bryan Singer combines the characters known from the original trilogy with those from the prequel X-Men: First Decision (Matthew Vaughn, USA 2011) -Topic sometimes even appear twice, to be put into a humorous, star-studded blockbuster. In addition, the visually elaborate comic film adaptation convinces with contemporary trick technology and stylish action scenes, while the detail-loving seventies equipment of the time travel plot provides a display value in itself.

The X-Men universe, full of self-references, is a good starting point for a conversation about building a contemporary cinema franchise. What does the audience generally expect from a sequel, what from a prequel or reboot - and how do filmmakers meet these expectations? In a kind of "class reunion", the new X-Men film brings together numerous well-known and some new characters who are also suitable for psychological analysis. In addition, a comparison of comic and film narratives can illustrate the interdependence of the two media for the students. In history class, the time travel plot that touches on the Kennedy assassination provides starting points for a discussion about the significance of historical events for the present - after all, Wolverine travels the past to change the future.

Author: Christian Horn, May 22, 2014

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