Why did Swami Vivekananda become Moench


"Suffice it to believe that everything is possible in God's creation. Never allow the thought to cross your mind that only your ideas are the only right ones and those of everyone else are wrong." Sri Ramakrishna too his Students
The Parliament of Religions in Chicago, USA, in 1893, “proved to the world that holiness, purity and mercy are not the exclusive property of any religion in the world and that all religions are men and women of sublime character. If, in the face of this evidence, someone dreams that only his own religion will survive and all other religions will be destroyed, I deeply regret him and point out that despite all resistance, the banner of every religion will soon bear the inscription : 'Help and not struggle', 'Assimilate and not destroy', 'Harmony and peace and not discord'. "Swami Vivekananda

  1. The spiritual activities in the centers in Bindweide and Berlin are directed by the monks who live there. The monks were trained and educated by the Ramakrishna Order in India and have more than thirty years of practical experience in the field of spiritual life and philosophies related to it.
  2. The Ramakrishna Order is a religious Hindu order and was founded by Swami Vivekananda. Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi was in fact the first leader of this male order. There is a sister organization for women called Sri Sarada Math named after her. The nuns of the Sri Sarada Math belong to the Ramakrishna faith, but run their business independently or self-determined and are completely independent of the monastic order.
  3. Sri Ramakrishna worshiped God as the Divine Mother. Hence the monks of the order consider women to be the manifestation of the Divine Mother in human form. It is a Vedanta discovery that reality is not gender specific. Brahman, or reality, is neuter sex. God is therefore just as much a mother as he is also a father.
  4. The centers in Germany are run and administered by both monks and lay people. The board is mixed and consists of four members, two men and two women. In addition, society can count on the support and generosity of many lay followers in the pursuit of its spiritual and humanitarian concerns. They show greatness through their benevolent commitment.
  5. Sri Ramakrishna and Hinduism teach that God dwells in man. Therefore, he said, “To serve humanity is to serve God.” The same divine atman (soul) dwells in different physical bodies. As atman we are all the same, no one is more than the same.
  6. The monks of the Ramakrishna order are trained to serve people in all kinds of ailments - physical, psychological and spiritual ailments. They see service to man as service to God. The needs vary from place to place. In Germany we concentrate on addressing the specific needs of the people here, on practicing and preaching the universal brotherhood and on promoting interreligious understanding.
  7. Sri Ramakrishna taught us to accept and respect all religions as true. His doctrine of the harmony of religions is his special contribution to our age. Therefore people of all religions are welcome to take part in the activities of our centers. In fact, in all three centers, people of different faiths take part in our seminars, celebrations, etc. In the sermons, lectures and in the shrine there are respectful references to all religions. We do not preach hatred of other religions. The Ramakrishna Order publishes books on various religions. There are no conversions. It is encouraging that all over the world there are so many generous and sensitive people stepping forward and supporting such a cause. Otherwise we have no answer to the global unrest we now face because of dogmatism, blind faith, exclusivity and its terrible offspring, fanaticism.
  8. There are regular morning and evening prayers in Berlin.
  9. The Zentrum Berlin offers practical instruction and training in Yoga-Vedanta meditation on certain Wednesday and Saturday times. Participation is possible by arrangement. Participation is free, donations to maintain the facilities are welcome.
  10. We are available for spiritual advice and discussions. Sincerely seekers who need help are asked to arrange an appointment in advance.
  11. The center in Berlin have limited accommodation options and offer sincere seekers who would like to pursue their spiritual exercises in a quiet ashram atmosphere away from the hectic everyday life. If necessary and on request, the monks also give instructions. Guests are expected to actively participate in the daily routine of the community.