How to make deer attractants

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29 Aug 2009
dear fellow forists

i'm looking for a recipe for a deer lockpaste. Thanks to the search, I know that there are already various threads on the subject of attractants. however, i haven't found a real recipe for a paste anywhere. therefore the attempt with this.

so, it is the case that x years ago a comrade gave me such a paste, which worked excellently in my territory at the time. the paste was made entirely by himself according to an old family recipe (they have been hunters for generations), the consistency was paste-like, pink in color and had the well-known attractant anise in it. Unfortunately, the contact between us has meanwhile been broken off so that I can no longer ask him for the prescription.

now i would really like to use this lockpaste again because it worked really well (the red deer came on the 2nd night and then of course again and again). it could also be used for a long time, stayed in the area for several weeks, always smelled intense and something that can be kept for a good two years at home until I used it up. But buying a finished product is only a second choice because I like to make things myself and try them out with them.

hence the question: does anyone know a good recipe for an anise paste for red deer? for me it is really primarily about a lure for red deer, roe deer and wild boar interest me less in this context at the moment.

If, despite the search, I should have overlooked that someone has already posted such a recipe, please forgive me and post the corresponding link.