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For many companies, appearing on social networks is now a natural part of their external image. As the largest social network in the world, Facebook naturally plays an important role. In order to position yourself successfully and professionally as a company, special attention is also paid to the visual design of your own Facebook presence. Starting with the profile picture up to team photos or product pictures - services, offered articles or stories about your own company can be enhanced by attractive picture content and can increase the interaction with the visitors and thus improve the reach. Whether emotional or informative - appealing images should be an indispensable part of any social media strategy.

When selecting the image material, you should therefore pay attention to the quality and not upload every random snapshot that runs in front of the lens. A certain orientation towards your own corporate identity ensures a higher recognition value. Well-lit and sharp product images appeal to potential buyers. Sympathetic photos from everyday situations in the company give the entire appearance a human face.

Facebook picture sizes 2021 - which formats should pictures be used on Facebook?

It is advisable to adapt it to the technical requirements of the respective social network so that fans and interested parties can equally enjoy your image material with different end devices. With the help of our infographic, the various Facebook image sizes for your company page can be called up quickly and easily - so that you can optimize your images for your Facebook presence.

Can't you just use stock photos from the internet?

In principle, website operators also have the option of using stock photos from the Internet. Here one should note, however, that self-made or specially designed pictures usually reflect the character of the company better than generic photos from the various photo marketplaces on the Internet. In addition, the legal situation with stock photos, especially when used in social networks, must be clarified in detail before sharing. Images acquired from stock photo websites can often be used on websites without any problems, but their use in social networks is often not allowed. The rights of use should therefore be clearly clarified in advance, before cash is invested in a stock photo, which the website operator may not be allowed to use in social networks.

Hidden Facebook function: Grid tool

Facebook has clear guidelines for advertisements. One of these rules is that the ad cannot contain more than 20 percent text. If this requirement is not adhered to, the respective advertisement will usually not be approved. For this reason, Facebook offers the grid tool, with which the image can be checked in advance for an ad.

It is recommended to add the following URL to the favorites list:

More useful information for Facebook page operators

In addition to the correct visual language, there are of course many other things that site operators on Facebook should consider. We have put together a small list of links with valuable tips and information on the topic of Facebook presence here:

Facebook image sizes can change - we stay current for 2021 and beyond

Since a social network like Facebook also thrives on further development and change, it can be assumed that those mentioned here will change Facebook image sizes will change. If changes on Facebook also affect the optimal image sizes, this article will be updated as soon as possible. To stay up to date, we recommend you bookmark this article.

If you have any questions about image sizes on Facebook or general questions about social media, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry!

Facebook image size overview for 2021

No matter if cover picture, advertisements or chronicle:There are ideal image sizes for Facebook. By using current image sizes for Facebook - currently for the year 2021 - you ensure that your Facebook post or your Facebook ad (advertisement) comes into its own. If you need an advertising agency or Facebook Ads agency to create a suitable cover photo, graphics for your Facebook page or a complete social media strategy, we look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget ours Overview of Facebook image sizes to download!