How can you preserve onion juice

Onion cough juice: make onion juice against coughs yourself

Onion juice with honey - or onion cough juice - is an old home remedy for coughs. Here we present a recipe for how you can easily make onion cough juice yourself. We also give tips on storage and use.

Recipe preparation: make onion juice against coughs yourself

Onion juice for coughs is an old and proven home remedy that can keep up with any modern medicine. And I can say from my own experience that the onion cough syrup is excellent even against a strong dry cough.

To prepare the onion cough juice, you only need a few things that are actually always in stock in the kitchen:

  • An onion
  • 4 to 6 tablespoons of sugar (or honey)
  • a ceramic bowl (or Tupperware box)
  • some water

These simple ingredients can be used to make onion cough juice, which is extremely cheap and yet very effective. I tested the recipe myself and was quite surprised by its effectiveness. In my experience, it surpasses the best cough teas - which can only be bought at a high price from the pharmacy - by far!

How do I make onion cough juice?

  1. Cut the onion into as small cubes as possible and place them in a ceramic bowl.
  2. Add enough cold water so that the onions float slightly in the water.
  3. Add about 4 to 6 heaping tablespoons of sugar (or honey) and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

The onion juice for coughing is now ready. Now it should stand in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours. Cover the bowl with a saucer so that the ingredients are retained as completely as possible.

Preserved in this way, the onion cough syrup can be used for around 3 to 4 days. If the smell in the refrigerator bothers you, you can also use a sealable Tupperware box for storage.

How do I use onion juice for coughs?

Dip a tablespoon into the solution shallowly so that only the clear onion juice gets onto the spoon (see picture). Take about 2 to 3 tablespoons of this liquid three times a day.

At first I had a bit of concerns about the taste - certainly not for gourmets - but the onion cough juice is extremely effective! If you consume the specified amount of onion juice for around 3 to 4 days, you should no longer have any problems with a strong, dry cough.

Although I have more problems with coughing when having colds than my fellow human beings, there was hardly any tendency to cough. And even at night I was able to sleep through the night without any complaints. The only drawback with onion cough juice is that the concentrated onion juice can cause bad breath.

Therefore, if you communicate a lot with people, you should take precautionary measures by brushing your teeth after taking the cough syrup. Another option is to rinse the mouth with clear water after a few minutes of exposure and suck a Mentos - or Tic Tac.

You will be surprised how well the onion cough syrup works against dry, irritating coughs! It is also good expectorant, so that the few "coughers" only bring the "impurities" from the lungs to light.

Video instructions: Make onion cough juice yourself

You can also watch our video on this tip. The recipe is also shown here and tips for storing and using the onion cough juice are given. We have also added a few tricks on what can be done to prevent bad breath.

Have a good recovery with your homemade onion cough juice!

Andrea Munich