What could ps stand for

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p. s .: meaning
p. s. according to post scriptum [appendix, note
P.S .: meaning
P.S. Post Scriptum
p.s .: meaning
p.s. par seconde
Ps .: meaning
Ps. psalm
Ps. Psalter
Ps. pseudonym
.ps: meaning
.ps Palestinian territories
ps: meaning
ps Picosecond
PS: meaning
PS Pirmasens, Southwest Palatinate
PS Patent specification
PS Level transmitter
PS Penicillin sulfonamide combination
PS personal system
PS Personal injury
PS Horsepower
PS Piastres
PS Pirmasens, Southwest Palatinate
PS Playstation
PS Polystyrene
PS Mail item
PS Postal secretary
PS Postscript]
PS Premium savings
PS Programming system
PS Program Service
PS Proton synchrotron
PS Point win

Abbreviations similar to ps

  • .pg - Papua New Guinea
  • .pk - Pakistan
  • PCH - Parchim
  • PEG - Pegnitz
  • PZ - Prenzlau
  • PAC - Pan-African Congress
  • PAG - Patent Attorneys Act
  • PAISY - Payroll and Information System [e]
  • Pak - anti-tank gun