What is the best way to learn easily

10 last-minute learning tips: How to memorize a lot in a short amount of time

1. Courage for the gap

Make a schedule for yourself. The important thing is that it is as realistic as possible. If you start learning too late, you can usually only do so according to the motto “courage to take a gap”. So there is no point in tormenting yourself. If you find that a topic is not your thing, skip it first and move on to another complex. Also, think carefully about whether your teacher has made any hints recently about the importance of the individual topics. Most teachers give little hints here and there. These are the main areas you should focus on when studying.

2. Recycle smartly

Do you know students from higher grades who had the same teachers as you do today? Talk to them and ask whether they have also covered the topic of your upcoming exam. Maybe they can tell you what questions they were asked, or even provide their old exams. With a little luck, one or the other question will come up again.

3. Listen to yourself

Tell yourself the most important information on your smartphone or MP3 player so that you can listen to everything on the way to school on the bus or on the train or while jogging - ideally in a continuous loop. So you use every free minute to cram the material. Another advantage: we memorize what is said more easily than just read.

4. Once is never

Repeat everything you have already learned every day - preferably just before going to bed. It is said that at this point in the day we internalize new knowledge particularly well.

5. Talk about it

It often helps if you go over what you have learned with others. This makes it clearer faster where there are gaps. Meet up with friends in a study group or ask your parents to be able to explain everything to them over dinner: even if they only understand the train station - repeating the material will definitely help you memorize.

6. Images in the head

Anyone who has to learn a lot by heart in a hurry - for example, all EU countries including their capitals - should stick to the technology of memory experts. They recommend sitting in a room that you know well (for example your own room) and imagining the different countries in different places in it. The best thing to do is to link these countries with unusual, somewhat bizarre images, for example the Eiffel Tower is growing out of your bookshelf for the French capital. This makes it much easier to memorize lists because you have the images in your head immediately.

7. Copying knowledge

If nothing works, just sit down and watch YouTube videos. Sound like a joke? Not at all! Tutoring professionals such as Nicolai Schork and Alexander Giesecke explain the subjects chemistry, physics and maths using live experiments on the internet platform - so well that they already have millions of fans. Also very popular is MrWissen2go, alias Mirko Drotschmann, who, as a trained journalist and former employee of the children's news program “Logo”, publishes easy-to-understand videos on topics from history and politics, including “The Weimar Republic” or “The political system of the GDR” ".

8. Stick to it

Even if your parents are not that enthusiastic: Cover your entire apartment with study sheets. On it you write down the most important vocabulary, phrases, math formulas, etc. So you can use every minute - whether in the morning while brushing your teeth, while you look in the mirror, or while showering.

9. Treat yourself

Clear your mind! Nobody can study for several hours at a time without a break. At some point the brain is simply no longer receptive. At the latest when you notice that you have read a sentence three times and still not understand it, you should take a break. Best outside. Whether during soccer training or a trip to your favorite café - it is important to switch off. Wasted time? Not at all! You will see that it will be much easier for you to learn again afterwards.

10. Get distracted

Very important: In the last few hours before the upcoming exam, it's better to do something different and relax a bit. Go to bed early and then keep your fingers crossed: after all, good grades are sometimes just a matter of luck.

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