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India cruises: exotic and Portuguese colonial heritage

On a sea voyage through the Indian Ocean you will get to know the Indian west coast, which in some places still exudes the flair of the Portuguese colonial era. Old Kochi with its islands and peninsulas was a metropolis of the worldwide spice trade in the Age of Discovery. Vasco da Gama and Cabral were the Portuguese sailors who opened up the region before the Dutch East India Company and the British followed suit. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Palace are impressive examples of colonial architecture. Experience the contrast between religious tradition and booming economy in Mangalore and visit the Shri Sharavu Temple and one of India's largest export ports. Goa is one of the liveliest and most international regions of India, known for its music and party scene and beautiful beaches. The old capital Velha Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will cast its spell over you with its old Portuguese colonial buildings. Try a vindaloo there, a meat dish of Portuguese origin! The India cruise takes you on to Mumbai, one of the Indian megacities and an example of the country's rapid progress in moving from tradition to modernity. A sea voyage through the Indian Ocean or a combination of round trip and sea voyage: Discover the secrets of India with fascinating India cruises!