Why do I easily lose focus

Help! Why am I losing my focus?

Planlessness and excessive demands in independence

Either you have too many ideas that they don't even know which one to start with. Or those who have already taken the first steps experience impatience and a lack of planning. Maybe even overwhelmed by all the things that you seem to "have to" do because you hear it on Instagram, in podcasts or anywhere else.

The problem with the whole story is that at some point you get to Standstill comes and doesn't do anything anymore.

Or you are the other extreme and do and do, are super busy and work really hard, but somehow you seem to be treading on the spot. Because these things that we like to do day in and day out ... Maintaining the Instagram channel, updating the About page, redesigning business cards - none of them bring you any money and none of them really help your customers.

Because after all the observations with you, with me, with colleagues, I believe that this state is due to two "problems": Your current state / disruptive factors and your why.

And honestly, if I had heard something like that at the beginning, I would have thought: “Blaaaa. Another gossip. " Are you thinking right now?

But watch out.

focus is clear, right? Concentrating on one thing brings us to our goal faster. We know in theory. The only question is, do you do that too? With all your ideas and to-dos and “Hui, that would be really cool too!”. Are you really focused or is it more here a little bit there?

If the focus is wrong: why not? Write down all the disruptive factors that are not right for you at the moment. That can be anything and you don't have to show it to anyone.

Isn't the implementation of your idea the right one? Maybe you give workshops, but you don't really want to be away from the family on the weekend? Do you have customers who hire you, but who you just don't like to work with? Do you think “I want so much more! That should be really big! " and thereby block yourself. Pssst ... everything big started with something small. Do you think you could make more money with another idea? Is there nobody around who supports you?

What is bothering you right now? What makes you jump back and forth instead of doing something and really doing business instead of playing business?

Perhaps you also ask yourself how big your company should actually be? Do you want real success (which is absolutely subjective and defined by you)? Or are you afraid of what it all entails?

If yes why? Where does this fear come from? (Incidentally, here I can recommend the book “The child in you must find a home”).

Find what drives you and you will find your focus!

The second is closely linked to your focus and perhaps the biggest trigger for putting your blinkers on yourself. Your why.

Blaaa! Right? No

Most think they know their why. We also posted it on Instagram yesterday. When I ask why you have your business and put or want to put in all the work ... what answer do you get?

Because you want more freedom?
Because you want more money?
Because you want to make people happy?
No matter what your answer is, I'll add another why.
Why do you want more freedom? Why more money? Why do you want to make more happy?

And to the answer that comes from you now, I put again why. So many times until we get to your real why. Because only then will you stay focused on the matter. All other whys of questions 1 and 2 ... they will change over time. At some point you will have money, at some point you will have more time ... but your original why will remain.

And it will keep you going when things get tough. And it will make you really only work on the one project that gets you closer to your goal.

So put in the brain work. It's THE part that makes the difference.