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Software type:
trial version
System (s):
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista
File size:
18.22 MB
33,00 €

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  • Last update:17.11.2020
  • Downloads:1307
  • File size:18.22 MB
  • Software type:trial version
  • Operating system:Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Version:4.6.5
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The Bandicam recording program provides you with a tool for filming your activities in games and programs.

The video platform Youtube is a huge platform for exchanging moving images with over a hundred hours of new video material every hour and a billion viewers per month. The most successful YouTube channels include Let's Player and video tutorials. In order to record these films, a recording program is required that films the activity in games or programs on the PC.

Bandisoft's Bandicam 4.6.5 software is a popular desktop recorder. Despite its compactness, the small tool hardly misses any setting options. Here's how to specify the target window to be filmed after starting Bandicam. Here, the program takes full-screen recordings or only a predetermined sub-area of ​​the screen. In addition to the output folder and automatic recording stop, you can also determine which hotkeys you want to use for recording and whether the images per second (FPS) should be displayed. This information, which is particularly interesting for filming games, does not appear in the later recording.

You also specify which video and audio codecs Bandicam should use and the quality of the result. Bandicam takes up relatively little space for the recordings despite the high video quality and recordings with a resolution of up to 2560x1600. You can use hotkeys to take screenshots of your desktop while recording.

The free and unregistered version of Bandicam comes with small restrictions. Recordings may not be longer than ten minutes and contain a Bandicam logo as a watermark. The purchase version removes these restrictions and the maximum file size also remains unlimited. The videos can easily be uploaded to YouTube and other video platforms without conversion. You can see how to use the tool in many tutorial videos on the Bandisoft homepage.

Alternative: The recording software Fraps, which is especially popular with Let's Players, records your games in very good quality, but requires significantly more storage space than Bandicam. Owners of a current Geforce graphics card receive with the Nvidia-exclusive Geforce Experience program not only a graphics card tool for optimizing the graphics settings, but also the Shadowplay recording software.