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Example text: I'm an avid photographer and you can mostly see me using my DSLR camera or instant film camera to take private photos. My DSLR can't be beat for performance and ease of use, but there's something magical about my instant film camera. Maybe it's because you actually put your shots on film or because each photo is a unique, tangible artifact (which is something special in today's world, where Instagram and Facebook have taken power and millions of photos are circulating on the internet ). I just know it is a lot of fun for me to work with, and the sparkle in people's eyes when you pull a photo like that up your sleeve at a party is just priceless.

Key phrasereliability
an avid photographer0,99
my DSLR0,97
my instant film camera0,99
private photos0,99
Performance and ease of use0,94
actually on film0,99
every photo0,92
a unique, tangible artifact0,99
Instagram and Facebook0,99