What are Bruce Lee's children doing now

Bruce Lee


  • First name Lee
  • NameJun-fan
  • Born 11/27/1940, San Francisco, California / USA
  • Sagittarius zodiac sign
  • Died July 20, 1973, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
  • Years32
  • 1.71 m
  • Partner Linda Lee Cadwell (married, 1964-1973)
  • ChildrenBrandon (* 1965) Shannon (* 1969)

Not everyone knows that

Bruce Lee biography

The martial artist, martial arts instructor and actor or simply the "King of Kung Fu" Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist of the 20th century. The desire to defend oneself grew out of necessity in my youth - and laid the foundation for a groundbreaking career.

Youth in Hong Kong

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco to a Chinese father and a German-Chinese mother. Despite the Second World War and the occupation of Hong Kong by Japanese troops, the family returned to their homeland two years after Bruce Lee's birth. Although the little boy grew up in prosperity - his father was a successful opera star, his mother belonged to one of the most powerful clans in Hong Kong - Bruce Lee had a difficult youth after the end of the war and the return of British rule. Like many other Chinese back then in Hong Kong, he was teased and ridiculed by his English classmates. But of course a Bruce Lee did not put up with that and fought back with force.

The experience of getting to one's goal by fighting and the desire to be able to defend himself better led Bruce Lee to take his first steps in martial arts. He learned the Chinese martial art style Wing Chu, known in the West as Kung Fu. The talented boy quickly got better and better and won numerous competitions before a momentous incident got in his way. In a tournament he injured his opponent so badly that he filed a complaint. His parents then sent Bruce Lee aboard a steamer to the United States with $ 100 in his luggage.

Breakthrough in the USA

Upon arriving in the United States, Bruce Lee made his way through, graduated from high school and began studying philosophy. But his great passion was still martial arts. The young man trained every free minute, made himself as and Martial arts fighter a name, developed his own fighting style, and opened one Kung Fu School.

The first international karate championship was ultimately to lead to Bruce Lee's big breakthrough. His legendary "One Inch Punch" in particular impressed everyone, not least the producers of the TV series "The Green Hornet", who then gave him a role on the show. Now the martial artist suddenly became famous and even Actors like Chuck Norris and Steve McQueenwanted to take lessons from him.

The death of the martial artist

Several roles in Hollywood films and Chinese productions followed for Bruce Lee over the next few years. Its most famous Film "The Man with the Death Claw" should also be his last. He was so exhausted from filming that he collapsed and was taken to the hospital with shortness of breath and cramps. The diagnosis: Cerebral edema and an epileptic seizure. Bruce Lee was taking medication and seemed to be getting better. But an actually quite harmless pain reliever should ultimately be his undoing. His body was allergic, one Brain swelling occurred, the resuscitation attempts by the doctors could no longer achieve anything. A.Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong on July 20, 1973.