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Franc tips for your website

Always offer visitors current event information on your own website, and that without any effort!

With these free services, you can use the Frankentipps range of events in a variety of ways on your own homepage! Your website therefore always offers your visitors the latest event information from your region or all of Franconia.

Or do you want to link to Frankentipps from your website? Here, you can find everything you need.

Franc tips for your website is free for private and commercial websites!

Frankentipps link partnerships
Use franc tips on your homepage or link us - we thank you with a backlink and many new visitors for your website!
It's that easy:»Further information on the link tips offer

Franc tips offers you the following options:

  • Link franc tips on your website
    We have put together logos and banner graphics »here for you
  • Present current events on your website
    The right scripts, which you can easily configure according to your requirements, can be found »here
    If you have programming skills, you can also include all Frankentipps RSS feeds on your website - you can find an overview »here
  • Give your visitors the opportunity to search for events
    We have prepared ready-made search forms for you »here for uncomplicated installation on your website

Our service for organizers

  • Your individual event calendar for your homepage
    If you post events on Frankentipps, we will automatically generate a finished event calendar for you, which you can design according to your ideas and include on your website »Further information

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