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Motorola Razr 2: New images and patent show smartphone future

With the Motorola Razr, Lenovo is celebrating the comeback of the iconic clamshell cell phone. A new patent indicates that this is not supposed to be a flash in the pan. The future promises more smartphones with flexible displays and even modular approaches. While nostalgics are currently enjoying the upcoming Motorola Razr, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is showing first insights into the upcoming smartphone planning. The colleagues from LetsGoDigital once again found what they were looking for in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database and, with rendered images, give us a foretaste of where the Motorola brand's journey could take us in the coming months and years. In the future, the company should not only rely on foldable screens, but also deepen the principle of the well-known "Moto Mods". This is what an upcoming Motorola Razr smartphone from Lenovo could look like

Large displays meet modular smartphone elements

Even if the proportions of the present image material are not clearly recognizable, this design appears to be a significantly larger folding smartphone compared to the recently introduced Motorola Razr remake. Especially on the outside, Lenovo could rely on larger displays that are easier to use in the future. A strikingly integrated camera module is to house a total of three sensors, which with fisheye lenses could also be able to create 360-degree recordings. In addition, this element, which can also be used as a stand, should be a modular component.

The less prominent "Moto Mods" that are sold for the Motorola Moto Z4, for example, are mentioned in the same breath. With the help of a magnetic mechanism, they are connected to the back of the smartphone as accessories and expand this with an additional battery, a 5G antenna, stereo speakers, smart speakers with Alexa, gamepads, a Hasselblad camera, a photo printer or even a projector . How the mods can be integrated into the comparably compact module of a possible Motorola Razr 2020, however, remains unclear.

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