Is Copenhagen an overpriced city?

Copenhagen - the colorful city by the sea

Hardly any other city has so many spots to fall in love with. The small streets with the colorful houses, the trendy architecture next to venerable royal castles, the sunset at the harbor, the capital Copenhagen has all this and much more to offer.

Off we go to the far north

If you find yourself in the north of Europe, you can greet Denmark and its capital Copenhagen and be surrounded by the waves of the North and Baltic Seas. The flair of the city can already be felt when the visitors reach the port.

The Danish capital is always worth a city trip. If you are at the port of Copenhagen, it is not far to the city, in which the colorful houses are decoratively lined up.

If the World Happiness Report is to be believed, the Danes are the third happiest people in the world. This is already noticeable on a short city trip to the metropolis: there is a lot of laughter and good humor in the air.

The historical background of Copenhagen

From port to metropolis, this was the development of this city. 1,000 years ago, the impressive history of Copenhagen began with a small fishing village. The village, which the locals affectionately called "Havn" and which is located on the island of Zealand, is chosen as the capital of Denmark. This happened in 1443. Eight kilometers from the southern Swedish coast - on the Oresund - is the home of the small metropolis.

Translated, Copenhagen means “the port of merchants”. The location contributes a lot to this name and so many visitors always disembark and do not miss the opportunity to personally explore the merchants' port.

The top 10 sights in the city

Den lille Havfrue - The Little Mermaid

The most famous lady in Copenhagen is sitting on a small ledge and is waiting for her to be seen as a holiday souvenir once again. The little mermaid, who finds herself on the banks of the Langelinie promenade, is the ultimate photo opportunity in Copenhagen. It is also the symbol of the city. The mythical creature tells the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen and is the smallest landmark in the world. With its 125 cm, the bronze statue can already convince, because for more than 100 years it has welcomed visitors from near and far.

The waterfront - Nyhavn

The picturesque harbor district is ideal for city travelers who have a penchant for romance. The colors of the brightly colored houses shine from afar and give Nyhavn a very special atmosphere. If you find yourself in the city's harbor, you shouldn't be put off by the international hustle and bustle. There is one café next to the other here, but the unobstructed view of the sea is safe. While the evening sun bathes everything around you in a warm light, you can say goodbye to a promising day of vacation.

Christian V gave the harbor district its original shape. It was important to him to create a direct boat connection into the city center. If the visitor wants to believe the locals, then it is Nyhavn, the longest bar in Europe. The storyteller Hans Christian Andersen should once have lived here in the harbor district. The oldest house in the harbor dates from 1681 and it still looks like it did when it was founded.

The pedestrian zone - Strøget

Take a stroll in the pedestrian zone of Copenhagen and take in many impressions. Is there anything more beautiful? If you want to get to know the country and its people better, you have to come to the local pedestrian zone. Strøget is the longest pedestrian zone in Europe. It measures 1.1 km and extends from Copenhagen City Hall Square to the Royal New Market.

The Torvehallerne Food Market

Taste the life of Denmark with all your senses: a visit to the Torvehallerne Food Market makes it possible. More than 60 stands offer their delicacies here. This is the right attraction for gourmet lovers. Because there are small food stalls everywhere that invite you to taste them.

The Danish round tower - Rundetårn

In order to catch the perfect all-round view of the city of Copenhagen, the round tower - called Rundetårn - has to be climbed first. This tower is considered a good viewing platform. A spiral path paved with yellow stones leads visitors to the viewing platform. Seven and a half turns around the center of the tower are imminent before the ascent of the Rundetårn is mastered. The medieval core of the city has retained its appearance as it was 500 years ago.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace serves as the state residence of the royal family. The baroque complex is a very imposing building. If the flag has been hoisted in Amalienborg Palace, one can trust that the royal family will be present. Perhaps the visitors will be lucky and see Crown Prince Frederik and his Mary. They are considered to be very close to the people and very much appreciate contact with their people. If you want to visit Amalienborg Palace, you should do so around lunchtime, because the changing of the guard always takes place at 12 noon. This castle was built as early as the 17th century and it consists of four identical buildings. One of them is accessible to visitors from all over the world.

Rosenburg Castle

This castle was built by King Christian IV more than 400 years ago. The old renaissance castle is used today to immerse yourself in the history of the country. The knight's hall with the royal throne certainly leaves a lasting impression. The design of the three silver lions is also very interesting.

The Rosenburg Castle shows the crown jewels, the splendor of bygone days becomes omnipresent with such a visit. In addition, the Rosenburg Castle has a good place, it is located on the edge of the royal garden Kongens Have. While some are looking for the crown jewels in the treasure chamber, for other travelers the beautifully landscaped park is the absolute highlight.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace can be seen from afar. The 106 meter high tower draws attention to this attraction. It serves as Parliament, Supreme Court and the Prime Minister's seat. The castle garden represents a rose paradise and the various water systems are always happy to draw attention to themselves. The interior of the castle deserves to be visited, because the royal rooms in Christiansborg Palace are always beautiful to look at.

Christiania - the extraordinary autonomous free city right in the center

A unique residential area opens up on 34 hectares. The alternative way of life is in charge in Christiania. This neighborhood of Copenhagen is dedicated to art and concerts. What was once considered a military site is now a coveted area with extraordinary architecture and a skate hall. The "Pusher Street" is the main attraction in the district of the city, where graffiti and mosaics have become indispensable.

Tivoli Amusement Park - The world's first amusement park

If you want to have fun, you will find the Tivoli Amusement Park. This amusement park with its nostalgic charms has a lot to offer. One of the highest chain carousels in the world is located here in the park. The world of adventure and fairy tales is already waiting. Long before Disneyland was launched, there was already this hype. It was founded in 1843.

He can be found in the middle of the city and is a magnet for visitors of all ages. Tivoli has not lost its originality to this day. A visit here is particularly recommended in the evening hours, because then the amusement park shines in its brightest colors. Most rides offer their services from April to September. During the season, many Danish and international artists make their rendezvous in the Tivoli amusement park.

Explore all the sights easily - with hop-on / hop-off buses

If you want to explore Copenhagen in a comfortable way without missing a sight, you can use the hop-on / hop-off buses, which stop at all of the city's major attractions. The buses offer perfect comfort without having to constantly concentrate on what is happening on the road. If holidaymakers like to travel by boat or ship, they should use the hop-on / hop-off buses + boat. Because many sights can be easily discovered from the water. A canal and harbor tour leaves nothing to be desired and so the discovery tour can begin.

Explore the city by bike

Copenhagen can also be explored very well by bike, it is not for nothing that Copenhagen was nicknamed the bicycle city. Get on your bike and you can start your journey of discovery in the north. The holidaymakers will not pedal alone, because the Danes also like to cycle. So if you like to get around by bike, you've come to the right place in Copenhagen. There are also city bikes. These city bikes are freely available every day of the year and around the clock. What is special about such a bike? It is equipped with a tablet and touchscreen and navigates safely through the city and to the desired sights.

In the last 25 years the city's cycle network has been built hard, so the small metropolis now has 400 kilometers of cycle paths. Moving quickly and safely, even in rush hour, is really no problem in this city.

The Copenhagen Card - for everyone who wants to stay longer

If you own the Copenhagen Card, you can enjoy 86 attractions without paying admission. There are also souvenir shops and restaurants that offer additional discounts when the card is presented. This card is also intended as a ticket in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. Regardless of whether it is a train, a harbor bus, a metro or a bus.

If you intend to get to know more of the small metropolis of Copenhagen and want to stay for several days, the Copenhagen Card is definitely worth buying. Because this means that all local means of transport can be used and free entry is available as a bonus. The prices for this are staggered, a day ticket costs 54 euros, a ticket for two days costs 80 euros, for three days 99 euros and for five days 163 euros.

The right accommodation in the city of Copenhagen

From luxury accommodation to family apartments, the city of Copenhagen has a lot to offer. Anyone who would like to use a very special holiday accommodation is on the lookout for the right houseboat. For those vacationers who have to get by on a small vacation pay, hostels are ideal. Private accommodation or holiday homes are also available as a selection for the right accommodation.

Eating and drinking in Copenhagen

Everyone knows the legendary Smørrebrø, which only exists in Denmark. A black bread with plenty of toppings. With everything you can imagine: salmon, roast, prawns, meatballs, sauce, eggs and much more. With a good Smørrebrø, the bread doesn't even come out because it's covered with all the side dishes.

Anyone who is not satisfied with a Smørrebrø, but orders a main course in a restaurant, has to charge an average of 20 euros. The drinks in the restaurants are also a bit overpriced, so you have to pay 8 euros for a small beer. But the few euros pay off, because the Danish beer is full-bodied in its taste. The barley juice is produced in many small breweries in this country. There should be around 100 microbreweries in Denmark.

If you want to save on food and drink in Copenhagen, you should go to the country's food markets or eat a hot dog at the sausage cart. In this way, the small hunger is quickly satisfied in between. The sweet puff pastry “wienerbrød” is also waiting to be tasted. This crispy Viennese bread was first produced in Denmark in 1840, it was a Viennese baker who invented this pastry. Since then it has been one of the local people's favorite sweets.

The Smørrebrø or Stjerneskud - fillet of plaice on bread. With it a cold beer or a quick schnapps. Or should it be Rødgrød - the red grits with the legendary cinnamon bun, called Kanelsnegl? The cuisine in Copenhagen is diverse. Many small culinary delicacies are also waiting in the bakeries and cafes. There are many hygienic cafés in the city. They invite you to rest and relax after a long, eventful day. Above all, the atmosphere in such cafés is characterized by the cosiness.

If you want to get to know Copenhagen's nightlife, head to the Nørrebro district, where different bars and eateries are lined up and promise fun going out. One of the biggest clubs in town is the Chateau Motel. It likes to open its doors without asking for entry.

Fancy a city trip for two in Copenhagen?

But what does one cost? That always depends on what expectations have to be met. The small metropolis has many hotels in different price ranges to offer. Every city visitor will find the right accommodation for themselves. If you want to get to know the private side of the Danes, you can use the private room rental. Hospitality is very important here. But Denmark's hostels are also proving to be good and reliable.

Is the desire to travel aroused? These roads lead to Copenhagen!

There are many ways to visit the metropolis of the Little Mermaid. The easiest way is to arrive by plane. Direct flights are offered from many German airports. Copenhagen Airport is only eight kilometers south of the city center. The metro takes you to the city. You will get on metro line M2 directly at Terminal 3. The city center of Copenhagen can be reached within fifteen minutes. The tickets for the metro are conveniently purchased at the terminal. The costs for this amount to 5 euros. If you have more time for your trip to Denmark, you can also travel by long-distance bus, train, ship or your own car.

Get to know the hyggelige life up close

The hustle and bustle of the lively city is caught up again and again by the cosiness of its residents. Travel to Copenhagen once and discover that a Smørrebrø is more than a simple sandwich and that there really are little mermaids, even if only made of bronze. These won't be the only discoveries, as this promising metropolis owned by cyclists has a lot more to offer.

frequently asked Questions

How long should you stay in Copenhagen?

In order to have seen all the sights, it is best to plan at least 3 days for a trip to Copenhagen.

What is Copenhagen known for?

In addition to numerous varied restaurants, the capital of Denmark is of course also known for its “Carlsberg Brewery”.

What's the cheapest way to get to Copenhagen?

If you want to get to Copenhagen quickly and cheaply, we recommend taking the train. Within a few hours you can be in Copenhagen with the saver price Europe from 33.50 euros.

What's the best way to get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

For a one-way trip, take the train, which runs every 20 minutes. A journey takes about 34 minutes and leads across the famous “Oresund”.

What do you have to see in Copenhagen?

1. Don't miss the fantastic view from the highest tower in Copenhagen, the "Tower of Christiansborg". In contrast to other towers, the entrance is completely free.
2. In any case, you should also visit the “new harbor”, where the famous colorful houses of Copenhagen can be found. Nearby is also the city's landmark, which is the sculpture "the little mermaid".
3. You absolutely have to see the “Church of the Redeemer”, which impresses with its extraordinary, winding spire.

Where can you have a good breakfast in Copenhagen?

1. In “Gröd” in the Nörrebro district, numerous different porridge, skyr and chia pudding varieties are on offer.
2. The "42RAW", which is located directly in the city center, is also very popular. In addition to acai bowls and avocado toasts, there are also pancakes with sweet potato fries. So there is something for everyone to find.
3. In “Mad & Kaffe”, which is located in the Frederiksberg district, you can choose menus from 3, 5 or 7 bowls.