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Brocken hike - Our tour on the Brocken in the Harz Mountains

"So if you are already in the Harz, then you also have to hike on the Brocken. This is a MUST for an all-round successful Harz holiday! " And that was what several readers had told us. We immediately thought: Come on, let's just do it! So on our third day in the Harz we did oneBrocken hike.

In the Hotel Travel Charme Gothisches Haus in Wernigerode * we enjoyed the terribly delicious breakfast again before we had to vacate our beloved room. After the check-out we packed our backpacks in the car, said goodbye to the cute city of Wernigerode and drove off. Everything about the hike in the following post.

Disclosure: We were invited by Saxony-Anhalt Tourism to explore this beautiful region. But our opinion is not affected. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for this great trip and can only organize a trip to the Harz Mountains for everyone.

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Eckerlochstieg - In the footsteps of Goethe and Heine

There are various hiking trails that lead to the Brocken. For the very lazy among us, there is also the option of taking the Brockenbahn to the summit. But more on that later. Of course, we wanted to hike the Brocken on foot and decided on the shortest route -the Eckerlochstieg. We didn't choose this one because it is the shortest, but because it is demanding. Such a middle thing! Since we are not hiking professionals, but neither are we beginners, we wanted to do a short but more difficult Brocken hiking trail.

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We started our hike from Schierke. The path leads directly into the forest at the parking lot of the small bobsleigh run. But you can also start from the National Park House in the northwest of the village. In the forest itself we were repeatedly able to discover the consequences of the violent storm - numerous trees were uprooted, many were still lying around in the forest. Some roads were even closed. Until then, not a soul had crossed our path. The birds chirped and the huge green fir trees provided pleasant shade.

The nostalgic Brocken Railway in the Harz Mountains

At some point we heard the loud roar of the Brocken Railway for the first time. So the tracks didn't seem far away anymore. We hurried and found a great spot to photograph the rustic and nostalgic locomotive. Suddenly she came driving out of the thicket of the forest. Steam shot into the air and this typical locomotive signal sounded again and again. What a sight. Somehow there was something magical and mystical about it.

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The hike continued and slowly it got a little steeper. We had already been on the road for an hour and reached our third kilometer. We walked through the dense forest of the Harz National Park and after another 30 minutes we reached the tree line. Now we “only” had to climb the summit of the Brocken.

For about 30 minutes it was over large stones. That was pretty tough on the thigh muscles. Now we also met the first souls who were also on their way to the top. Then we finally reached the paved road and thus the last 800 meters to the summit. The goal was now within reach.

TheHarz National Park offers many hiking trails, whether you are a professional or a beginner. We were told that some of the most beautiful routes lead up the Brocken. Incidentally, the Brocken is the highest mountain in Northern Germany at 1,142 meters. Even Goethe and Heine were already on the Harz summit. Incidentally, he is also "Mountain of the Germans" called.

Brocken hike - destination at an altitude of 1,142 meters

We needed exactly 2 hours for the Brocken hike, where we conquered around 500 meters in altitude. In general, you should allow for 2 to 3 hours for a route. We covered a total of 6 kilometers. Above you will find a canteen where you can get something to eat such as sausage, salad, pasta dishes, french fries and the like.

The prices are pretty steep, but that's usually the case in tourist places. But there are one or two other snack bars. You can also get coffee, soft drinks, beer and water there. You can also visit a museum here, the Brockengarten and the Brockenhaus. The Brocken circular route is almost 2 kilometers long and is also suitable for children.

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We took a few photos, got a lunch snack, and soaked up in the sun. Fortunately we had sweaters with us, because up on the summit it was already quite fresh and very, very windy. Since we still had to drive back home that day, we didn't want to hike the route back. Instead, we chose oneRide with the Brocken Railway.

Ride with the Brocken Railway

A one-way trip was always included in our Harz Card, so of course we take advantage of it. We picked up the tickets at the small Brocken train station and took the Brocken train. We drove comfortably back to Schierke. The trip took around 30 minutes and rounded off this little hiking adventure. It's also really cool that you can stand outside between the wagons while you're driving.

The Brockenbahn stops on the way once in Drei Annen Hohne, where you can change to continue to Wernigerode. We could stay seated and later get out in Schierke. From the train station you walk back 10 minutes to the parking lot.

Almost exactly to the minute we were on the road for a total of 4 hours including a break and food. Quite tired and yet quite knocked out there was still a long drive waiting for us. Around 4 p.m. we left the parking lot in Schierke and, thanks to traffic jams and construction work, didn't get back to our home in Rostock until 7 hours later.

Hiking trails to the Brocken in the Harz Mountains

There are other hiking trails that lead up to the Brocken. TheGoetheweg is just under 9 kilometers long and takes around 3 hours. Here you overcome 390 meters in altitude. Your Brocken hike starts at the Torfhaus National Park Visitor Center.

At some point you will reach the tracks of the Brockenbahn and hike up the gently sloping hiking trail to the summit. The Goetheweg is part of theHarzer-Hexen-Stiegs. So you can combine the Brocken ascent with a multi-day hike.

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On the other hand, it becomes more difficult via theHeinrich-Heine-Weg. The beautiful but also demanding hiking trail starts north of Schierke. The path first leads you through the Ilse Valley to the pretty Ilse Falls. Then the ascent towards the Brocken summit begins. The entire route takes around 10 to 11 hours. 850 meters in altitude are on the program. This path is recommended for advanced hikers.

It is also not entirely without it13 kilometers long Teufelsstieg. You should plan at least 3 hours, if not a little more. It is the most difficult hiking trail up to the Brocken and, above all, requires you to be fit. The path starts in the village of Elend (funny isn't it?), Just under 4 kilometers from Schierke. Now you are walking in the footsteps of Faust and Mephisto. Past the Schierke Harzresort it goes to the Schnorcher and Mause cliffs. Then you reach Eckerloch and the Brockenstraße to the summit.

Conclusion on the Brocken hike

The third day of our Harz trip was really cool too! Although we were pretty knocked out after the Brocken hike, the hike was still quite easy and not that strenuous at all. The weather was on our side again and so we could enjoy the last day to the full.

A hike on the Brocken is definitely part of a trip to the Harz Mountains. Anyone who wasn't on the Brocken wasn't in the Harz Mountains either. At least that's what we were told. And again we can say: The Harz rocks! But something of! We can only recommend a holiday in the Harz Mountains!

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