Who are the most underrated Indian actors

The most underrated actresses and actors?

Often times, when you say you are a friend of Kristen Stewart's acting skills, the headshake of disbelief is nothing but disbelief. "What that from 'Twilight' ??" The filmography of the actress has been impressively varied and exciting for many years - and that even before the vampire trilogy. For example, "Adventureland", "The Clouds of Sils Maria", "Certain Women" and "Personal Shopper" show the range of the actress. However, this does not yet seem to have fully arrived in the perception of the broad masses.

Some actors fail to make the final breakthrough - if that is their goal at all - despite their obvious talent and good choice of roles. With others, you have the feeling that they are committed to a single type of role, even though they have much more to offer. And still others are underestimated despite their success and good roles.

As an example of the latter case, a visitor to the IMDb Facebook page mentions the following actor: "Brad Pitt. Seriously. Because he's so famous and handsome, everyone just sees him as a 'pretty star' and overlooks how good he is in his own Subject is. " Another says: "Jennifer Jason Leigh. Is currently underestimated and has been for the last 30 years." Another says of Michael Fassbender: "Such a good actor, but he's been in so many bad films lately."

Which actors are not getting the recognition they deserve?

Who should finally get more and better roles? Who has the right roles, but still remains under the radar of a larger cinema audience? And in which roles did the actress or actor attract you particularly positively? (aan, October 14, 2019)