What is Baul philosophy

"Cooking is the sum of innumerable smallest details of the greatest importance."

Eckart Witzigmann, chef of the century

For many people, cooking is part of their daily routine. We cook for ourselves and our family, for friends and colleagues, and we look forward to a successful dish. Often it has to happen as quickly as possible, but sometimes it turns out to be a feast that appeals to all of our senses. At this very moment we realize that cooking can do more than just fill you up.

Eighteen authors - including chefs, food activists, journalists, bloggers, gastro critics, scientists and of course philosophers - write about this special moment and define their philosophy of cooking. We learn what evolutionary influence cooking food had on mankind, how Zen Buddhism influences Japanese cuisine, learn more about the perception of taste and the ability to speak about it. And we understand what sustainable and regional cooking can have to do with simplicity and when cooking becomes political. A book for everyone who likes to cook and wants to find out more about their passion.

editor Stevan Paul As an author and food journalist, has always been interested in the influence that cooking has on our lives and our togetherness. In this volume he lets professionals from all areas of the culinary world have their say.

Stevan Paul (Author, food journalist)

Nikolai Wojtko (Gastrosoph, journalist)

Malte Härtig (Cook, philosopher)

Tanja Grandits (Star chef)

Daniel Kofahl (Nutritional sociologist)

Sebastian cabins (Sommelier, journalist)

Felix Schneider (Star chef)

Dieter Froelich (Artist, cookbook author)

Thomas A. Vilgis (Physicist at the Max Planck Institute)

Jörn Kabisch (Gastro and food journalist)

Tobias Müller (Gastro and food journalist)

Hendrik Haase (Activist, artist)

Claudio Del Principe (Food blogger, cookbook author)

Arnd Erbel (Free baker)

Hanni Rützler (Trend researcher, author)

Wolfgang Reiter (Cultural scientist)

Maximilian Probst (Journalist, Clemens Brentano Prize Winner)

Harald Lemke (Philosopher)

Martin Wurzer-Berger (Publicist and artist)

Also available as an e-book.