Is the real money in self-employment

Permanent Income: Earning Money Without Real Work?

Self-employed and the one-dimensional activity

As a self-employed person, you have certain opportunities to earn a lot of money. If you are good at what you do and know how to treat your customers, your chances of making a lot of sales are relatively high. So you can earn a living with your self-employment, maybe treat yourself to a little luxury every now and then. For many self-employed people it is quite common that they work 12 hours a day and also use the weekend to do their work. It goes without saying that this should also be reflected in the wallet. However, many self-employed people have the problem that they concentrate on a single activity. As a rule, this is the performance that you are good at, that you are fit for and that you have acquired in this activity. In the end, however, this means, conversely, that you only earn income when you work and perform.
And it is precisely this one-dimensional work that can turn out to be a problem or a risk.

Self-employed and the loss of income

However, if you are sick as a self-employed person, you will not earn a single euro at the moment. Employees are much safer: if they are sick, the health insurance company pays the loss of wages. But with the self-employed? It says: no work, no money. As long as you are young and physically fit, this is usually not an issue to think of at all. But as you get older, there are also a few ailments and ailments and you fall out due to illness. If the illness lasts longer, then it gets pretty tight for one or the other self-employed.

For the self-employed, there is of course also supplementary health insurance that pays you sick pay in the event of illness. However, these insurances are usually unaffordable, especially for young founders, especially if you want to have coverage right from the first day of illness.

Self-employed and continued payment of wages?

Affordable and largely practiced: the daily sickness allowance insurance, which pays from the 28th day of sickness. Anyone who has caught the flu does not fall out for 28 days. So this daily sickness allowance insurance is designed for more serious and protracted illnesses.
If you should not have such a daily sickness allowance insurance, this should definitely be worth considering. And we also recommend that you build up a "permanent income". How it works? What is that?

Permanent Income - Earning money without real work

“Earning money without work”, that sounds just great. "Permanent Income" is the term used to describe sources of income that are independent of whether you work or not. Sure, these sources of income do not fall out of the blue and are not necessarily easy to find, but the internet has its possibilities.

Let's take the large and well-known company "Google" as an example. The employees of Google, at least those who pursue a creative activity, should devote 70 percent of their working time daily to the core projects of Google. They should work 20 percent on Google projects that consider new possibilities and paths. And the remaining 10 percent should be devoted to topics and activities that have absolutely nothing to do with their actual job.

As a web designer in particular, you have excellent opportunities to build up a "permanent income". In addition to your activities for your customers, you invest time in setting up your own blog. For this you write various blog texts in which you pass on your knowledge to the readers, for example. This blog may not bring you any money at first, but it can pay off in the long term.

Your own eBook also gives you the opportunity to earn money without having to work. Sure, you invest time, maybe even a lot of time, writing the eBook, but once the eBook is on the market, it can be a sure-fire success. Selling your eBook will bring you income without having to work for it at the moment.

Invest in lasting income streams

Find out in which area you can build up another stream of income. Ideally, you are looking for something that has to do with your job, because you have the necessary know-how and therefore the effort can be low.

Sustained streams of income - ideas for it

Permanent income ideas for self-employed people like you are:

  • Your own blog
  • Your own eBook
  • Advertising on your website (s)
  • Your own YouTube channel
  • Renting out web space to your customers
  • Programming of software

These ideas belong to the standard ideas, so to speak. You may be able to take advantage of completely different opportunities in your area to create a permanent stream of income without work. Analyze your job, your knowledge and then find ways to build a permanent stream of income for you.